When the region’s more discerning clients want the best in creative visual designs to further their market, they put quality before all, says veteran designer VIVIAN LU.

Vivian Lu Design Studio Ltd is a branding representation for Vivian Lu, a Macau-based visual designer who has worked on exceptional stage & performance productions to much market applause.

From theatre set visuals to costume designs, runway shows to large elaborate events for large corporate such as bank, Lu delivered over 30 shows in the past three years. She attended one of the top design universities – Central Saint Martins and has been executing shows internationally, cultivating production and designs not only in her home country, but also in Hong Kong, Singapore, Portugal and London.

Since graduating she has been actively promoting and supporting the arts and culture of Macau, and is currently the serving president in Macau’s Portuguese Folk Dance Association Macau No Coração.

She was also one of the chosen members invited to join Beijing’s Successful Youth Seminar in 2014 held in The PLA National Defense University of Beijing.

Lu also designed and made costumes for the biggest parade in Macau in 2014 in which she showcased her work on Lisbon’s National Day. She has been designing for over 40 projects in the past three years. She is also a Certified Incentive specialist.

Growing Talent

As director of Raw Talent Art Festival 2013-2015 (Best Event of the year 2015) London, Vivian Lu was chosen to be the Director of Raw Talent by NACUE (National Association of College & University Entrepreneurs, UK) The Show involved leading 80 Artists & Designers to organize an art festival that collaborated with international brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Mall Galleries etc. Raw Talent involved audiences 250-strong, 5 magazine/press including Wallpaper Magazine & Dash Magazine, 12 Art Bloggers, & Evening Standard News and 100 people involving in creation.

“The Greater China market for Events & Stage Set-creation has grown massively in Asia. The spending power in China has rapidly grown alongside market expectations where it comes to art visual for events. The attention given to developing and preserving culture and art in China itself has given individual designers huge opportunity to create and design.

Further with the explosion of 5-star hospitality in Macau, the need for professionals to cater to this huge market has grown considerably.

Being raised in a very international setting and being so experienced at creating top-notch events every step of the way, Lu realizes that stage design is not percieved in the Far East in quite the same manner as it is in Europe and the U.S. Seeing that her hometown & China carries such a contrasting and enriching cultural background, she aims to work in Asia and assist this area unfold to its maximum potential.

Beating Norm

“Not only do we deliver what was proposed but also we exceed all expectations. Our designs are driven by culture and diverse background and we are able to deliver with astonishing attention to detail. We create layered event experiences that will leave our client with a personalized, dramatic memory.

We specialize in bringing clients a whole new visual sensation in every design we create. We work on 3d to some extent 4d design to provide the best quality in our clients’ interests and pursue the best results for them.”

“We will be working in creating our own international shows in different theatres in Macau Hotels next year. The aim of this show will be to extend and blend possible collaboration of global culture and art. We will also be spreading our design service to China.

“Most of our new business comes from referrals, from satisfied clients proud to introduce our service. We constantly maintain a high standard of excellence to each project and try we to be different; We create opportunities if we are not given one. Think big and Brave is our motto. We strive to break the mould of traditional art and events. Most importantly, we make an impact, in person and in the society.”

For additional information, please visit www.vvnlu.com

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