Bringing in the latest technologies to business continuity through an innovative and creative channel MULTISOFT LTD is making a huge difference, says its co-founder and director VINCENT, WU WAI HUNG.

“With the long-term experience in working with many organizations in a wide range of industries, we found new possibilities and spotted market needs. They realized that the importance of the balance the full potential of digital with the existing technologies,” says Vincent Wu Wai Hung, co-founder and director of Multisoft Ltd.

“The new IT is penetrating into every corner of the firm and radically changing how work is organised and performed. The IT industry is heading into a time of great possibility and change, and those with the right capabilities will enjoy many opportunities, as a new generation of business/IT leadership emerges,” says Wu.

“The need is greatest in areas such as cloud computing, social media, mobility, analytics and embedded technologies to complement to traditional back-office and infrastructure systems.”

“Our IT professionals have both to learn new skills as well as the old ones. In areas such as system design and development increasingly have to be leveraged in favour of more agile methods and/or sourcing just as our tagline ‘The source of Technologies’”. 

Staying Ahead

According to Wu, technologies give businesses new options to operate and innovate. It is about changing the way businesses create value for customers.

“We listen to our clients and provide tailor-made one-stop solutions.

MTS consultants and sales team elaborate comprehensive knowledge and experience in the light of the different types of customer environments and needs, as well as to provide the most cost-effective IT solutions. In the field of technical expertise, we equip companies to assist customers to build efficient systems that coordinate with different business goals, and dealing each customer’s cases discreetly.

“At the same time, we are committed to meet the development needs of customers and grow together with customers. Enterprise IT must keep pace with game-changing technologies to drive greater revenue, profitability, and customer satisfaction.”

Adding Value

In Hong Kong, where is ranked as the most competitive market in 2016, it’s a crucial to enhance the competitiveness among IT industry. Traditionally, information technology has been used to improved business productivity and control cost. We recognized that this is not enough. Digital transformation is ongoing in many industries. To adapt digital era in order to deliver value to clients from various domain/sector, providence is a vital for us to review current business strategies and goals and connected to fast-changing technologies and environment.

Fresh Approach

For organizational structure, we have plans for the ongoing development on specializing digital transformation in a range of different fields. Talent acquisition and internal staffs training are one of the keys to success.

We’ve come a long way with our technology, but looking at the past while looking at the present really puts things is perspective. It is advisable to take an open-minded approach to new ideas. In a digitalized, hyper-connected world, value is created for people from connectedness. For a successful value-added IT solution provider, we understood the important to put people at the center of everything in order for a successful digital transformation.

Our philosophy is – creating and enabling the “Wisdom of Technologies” to limited business.”

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