Entering into a paradigm shift in the world of clean, green transport, Swedish truck, coach and engine manufacturer SCANIA is determined to lead the way towards sustainable transports in a world driven by digitalization. Managing Director CARL-FREDRIK ZACHRISSON talks of how and why.

The bottom line is – Swedish truck, coach and engine manufacturer Scania is in the business of making profits for its customers. “Our main focus is to offer reliable tailor-made transport solutions for our customers, supported by the best service network in the market, says Carl-Fredrik Zachrisson, Managing Director Scania Hong Kong and Macau. By doing this we ensure our customer’s maximum uptime and the lowest total cost of operation, giving them a competitive edge in their operations, he continues.”

“And our focus on the environment and sustainable transports continues to increase, says Carl-Fredrik Zachrisson. Scania’s Euro 6 technology, introduced in 2013 is highly regarded for its outstanding performance in combination with the lowest emissions in the market. More than 90 % of the Scania’s sales is already Euro 6 and the company now hopes that this emission level will soon be considered as part of the future sustainability-related legislation. “Green transports will be a major step in the quest to protect the environment and this is Scania’s long-term mission simply because it represents a win-win-win situation, for the industry, our customers and the planet as a whole.” 

Competitive Choice

“The Scania brand is premium in the market, offering a premium service and there has been a lot of work put into providing a one-stop-shop solution for our customers.”

“The whole idea is to partner with our customers and help them get the maximum returns from their total investment. By extension, we also help the customers of our customers”, Zachrisson says.

“The future of transport will be driven by digitalization of the industry and sustainable transport solutions and this is where Scania is taking the lead.” – Carl-Fredrik Zachrisson

Closing the Gap

“All our vehicles are equipped with Scania Communicators, our fleet management technology, and there are already some 2,500 Communicators installed in our rolling Scania park in the market. These “black boxes” collect and store vehicle and driver data, providing the customers with invaluable information how to optimize the vehicle and driver performance. Major fuel consumption savings are continuously achieved thanks to the evaluation of data and more and more customers ask for our support in utilizing the information. The future of transport will be driven by digitalization of the industry and Scania has high ambitions to continue leading this development,” says Zachrisson.

But the data can only tell us on which level the vehicle and driver performance is at currently. The real improvement leverage comes with driver training and coaching, which is an integrated part of the Scania offering. The impact in terms of reduced fuel consumption can be as much as 10 % for a trained driver, maybe more.

Ready for the future

“Scania’s quality is speaking for itself and we are really happy with the market’s response to our products, services and complete offering. We are committed to providing the best marketed range and solutions that enhance customer profitability, Zachrisson states. We forecast a continued strong growth in Hong Kong and Macau over the coming years and look forward leading the shift towards sustainable and smart transport solutions in our industry, concludes Zachrisson.

For additional information, please visit www.scania.com

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