Pragmatic expansion strategy has resulted in steady growth for a young and innovative company powered by JULIANA LO and KRYSTAL LIE.

Opening its doors in 2001, SMS Event Marketing has seen its boutique Taiwan operations blossom into a burgeoning international company in the past fifteen years. Rapidly expanding into Greater China, SMS moved its headquarters to Shanghai while operating in Taipei, Kaohsiung, Beijing, and recent additions in Hong Kong (2014) and Seoul (2016).

With steady growth and consistent performance led by the creative and personable General Manager, Juliana Lo, SMS Hong Kong has become a force to be recognized in a tough market full of veteran competitors.

“Hong Kong is a very competitive market,” says Lo. “There are many big players who have been around for many years, and have had long-standing relationships with companies. Being a new player in the market, our focus initially was to establish ourselves. Fortunately, in the past couple of years, we have started to build a positive name and reputation for ourselves in the industry.”

Striving to be the Best

Director of Events and Strategy, Krystal Lie, also helped usher SMS Hong Kong into the market with aplomb. Amid some initial difficulties, this dynamic duo has paired their underdog mentality with a blue-collared work ethic to put their stamp on the event management scene.

“Lay low, work hard and stay humble,” adds Lie. “We strive to provide the best solutions to our clients by equipping ourselves with all the resources required to deliver a memorable and positive event every time.”

An experienced team renowned for their bespoke relationship management, creative aptitude, a taste for quality and always on the pulse of innovative technology, SMS has built an impressive portfolio with world-class events and clients.

“Our HK office is small, but we pride ourselves with quick turnaround time, our flexibility in answering client’s briefs, our high level of quality service, along with great experience in conceptualizing and managing world-class events,” boasts Lo, adding, “Our team is comprised of producers and designers with extensive experience in various types of events at all scales.”

“Our ability to turn around creative proposals quickly, offering greater care and flexibility to clients, while committing to deliver only the best is what we do and who we are.”

Expanding their Horizons

As the team continues its ascension, Juliana is always looking for ways to improve SMS Hong Kong’s standing within the Asian market and to expand its business internationally.

“Our expansion into various markets have typically begun with a market demand, and also it was an opportunity for us to gain greater exposure and expand our current portfolio to not just Great China, but to other international markets,” says Lo, and underlining that “We will continue to work hard and strive to be the best that we set out to be.”

With their strong disposition, continued excellence in client relations, and impeccable efficiency with creative flair in their planning and execution, SMS Hong Kong looks forward to a bright and fruitful future.

“Our ability to turn around creative proposals quickly, offering greater care and flexibility to clients, while committing to deliver only the best is what we do and who we are,” states Lie.

“We also ensure we build a close relationship and get to know our clients better, so to ensure we clearly understand their specific needs and particular wants.” Their work speaks for itself. It’s undoubtedly world-class. And seemingly fit to do business as such.

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