Keen competition is forcing the industry to evolve in tandem with market pace. Industry leaders have to set new benchmarks for quality of service says JIMMY SIU.

“Our vision is to run a new firm of certified public accountants that eventually founded Elite Partners CPA Ltd in 2007. It was all started at lunch one day when our management was discussing the traditional and outdated way of running a professional firm that just did not seem adequate to meeting the challenges of the future,” says Jimmy Siu, director of Elite Partners CPA Ltd.

“We shared the belief that a professional firm should have an innovative mindset and agility. When we say innovative thinking, we mean thinking of innovative solutions for our clients, innovative ways to nurture our employees and innovative brand building to our firm.” 

Sharing New Ideas

(L) Jimmy Siu, Director and Andrew Chan, Associate Director of Elite Partners CPA Limited

The fact is, China is the world’s second largest economy in terms of nominal GDP and is a member of the WTO. It is an economic engine to drive Hong Kong locally and internationally. “Our services continue to benefit those in Hong Kong with mainland driven businesses. Our management has extensive experience in handling mergers and acquisitions transactions for our clients. Our clients are mainly from mainland China and need our support and advice to expand internationally,” says Siu.

He adds: “As part of “One country, Two systems”, our firm sees it an opportunity to develop our brand name in mainland China. We have mutual alliances with certain firms in China. From these arrangements, the benefits include: (i) both our firm and China firms can share technical knowledge in financial reporting standards in Hong Kong and China; (ii) the ties and bonding are stronger among us; (iii) exchange programs for professional staff; and (iv) possible mergers.

“The biggest differentiation between our firm and others are our innovative thinking and adapt new ideas. For example, we have small group meetings with fresh graduates and new entrants into the workforce, and we listened to their opinions and incorporated their useful feedback in our formulation of audit strategy. Our management believes these young people will drive the future. If we give them the chance now, they will earn valuable experience to manage small teams and eventually run the firm. We are able to guide them in the process and sharpen their judgment and consequently the outcome of their decisions.”

Hi-tech Initiatives

“Our strategy is to keep an innovative mind. We explore how to capture new technology to effectively complete our work and what we can offer to our clients. Our policy is transparent. We discuss employee feedbacks about the firm, our clients and our people and from this feedback, we grow using the information collected and benchmark them.

As a locally grown professional firm, we allocate a lot of resources and funding in technology. In order to speed up our work efficiently and diligently, we would research and implement new technology into the firm. Overall, our people enjoy a balance between work and social life.”

“Our five years plan is to retain and expand our service of listed clients. We want to become one of the major local professional firms in Hong Kong. We believe that China market is strong in the future years. Many listed companies in Hong Kong look for opportunity to initiate mergers and acquisitions in China and many China enterprises look for opportunity to go abroad with Hong Kong as major stepping stone.”

“The secret of our firm success is giving back to society. We have donated and sponsored many events in order to help the local community. Events that we have participated were; taking care of our elderly in certain Elderly Centres, Walk for Nature, Corporate Challenge, WWF Earth Hour, Walk for Water and many more,” concludes Siu.

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