Superb Effort, But Service Before All!

The fundraising industry has taken a huge step forward in terms of quality service and devotion to the craft, thanks to Hong Kong Fundraising Consultancy Ltd, led by its director, HENRY WONG.

In 2007, we found that there was only one company as monthly donation fundraising consultant in Hong Kong. So we planned to start a business, to help change the industry. A business that provides fundraising service to clients demanding high satisfaction and a reliable service. We started our company in July 2007 and now have over 60 employees to provide services to our clients and roughly raised over HK$200 million for NGOs,” says Henry Wong, Director of Hong Kong Fundraising Consultancy Ltd.

Hong Kong Fundraising Consultancy Limited is a leading monthly donation consultant company, which helps the industry to reach a higher standard and higher public image for fundraising industry. 

People are All-Important

“Our company objectives are: Commitment, Professionalism and Innovation; which lead our staff to deliver a higher standard of service to our clients. We have a different culture from other companies in the industry as we concentrate on solving root cause for projects. We have much enterprise experience, management and planning, care for our employees as they are the most important part in a service company. Also we have the best training team in the industry with certified trainers, which help our employees to growth in their career. As our staff are the most valuable assets in our company, we created an environment conducive to employee well-being and happiness.”

Compare with other companies in the industry, we have a relative low turn over rate, which help us to keep qualify and nurture our staff to serve our clients better.”

“It is not only the fundraising result for our client, but the branding and goodwill that is also important to our clients. We having a high standard for staff’s image and fundraising result, which leads the industry to reach a higher standard and bring a positive image to public and our clients.

Quality Training

Hiring is the most difficult part for servicing industry. We provide different kinds of salary packages, benefits, career trainings, caring to attract talent to join our company and retain them.”

“We are planning to have digitalize our workflow, which leads speed up the progress, enhance the security and accuracy for internal and our client for fundraising. In long term this can also reduce administration cost for our company and our clients, which lead a winwin situation for both parties. Other than that we would also have a big revolution in coming future to enhance our bargaining power for staff recruitment, which can have higher capacity to serve more NGOs to use our service.”

“Our secret to success is: always enhance ourselves, step into others’ shoes to understand what clients exactly need and provide suitable solutions,” says Wong.

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