The guarantee of great products, excellent services at best prices has made SAM HEI FOOD a household name in Hong Kong. YAU CHAK HONG, JACK speaks on the days to come.

Hong Kong’s food supply industry has recorded an impressive slow and steady growth over the last few decades largely due to its consistency in product and service.

One such stalwart is Sam Hei Food Group (known as Sam Hei) that has served the food industry in Hong Kong for more than 20 years.

“In the early 2000s, we entered into the food grocery service by trading grocery products and mainly focused on rice,” says its director Jack Yau. “We then established high quality rice milling facilities in Thailand, one of Asia’s key rice producing countries. This allowed us to provide quality rice at competitive prices.” Consequently, Sam Hei went on to build a good reputation in the rice supply industry and a growing loyal customer base. 

Devoted to Caring

According to Yau, due diligence is of utmost importance particularly in the business of consumables. “We constantly work to ensure the freshness and quality of our supplies and ensure we are competitively priced. In order to offer great products, we keep a close eye on quality control to ensure consistency. All our warehouses are air-conditioned to ensure products are stored in a temperature-controlled environment.”

He adds: “While, Hong Kong will continue to be a growing market, we are certainly looking to China. Undoubtedly, the food market in China is huge and our company is looking for opportunities to expand in the Chinese market.”

“As we have our own fully equipped logistics team, we do our best to deliver our products in a timely manner with excellent services. The direct procurement network from overseas and the logistics teams established by our company has greatly reduced the cost of imports and delivery and hence, the best price is always guaranteed alongside our quality goods.”

Wider Scope

Yau says: “Food catering service is not a one-off business. As we would like to build a long-term relationship with our customers, earn their loyalty and keep their business, we always provide good after-sales service such as site visits, collecting customer feedback and improve accordingly.”

“Several different brands enter the rice market competing for the market share and all we need to do is to promote our brand more aggressively and assure the premium quality so more consumers can enjoy our excellent products.”

Yau says he would like to expand his distribution network in the retail markets by sourcing quality food products, such as different varieties of rice, different types of cooking oil and other great products.

Market Needs

“Many customers are showing increasing interest in healthy products recently so we have introduced products such as organic rice, brown rice, red cargo rice and riceberry rice to suit their needs. We emphasize on our brand “Golden Happy 金囍” in the retail sector and we also introduce products in various packing sizes to suit a range of needs. Diligence and focus are the secrets of our success. We are totally committed to sourcing premium quality products and serve with attention to detail and good customer service,” concludes Yau.

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