An icon of our times, the FOUR SEAS GROUP has become one of the largest food enterprises in Hong Kong thanks to its efforts to bring in new products and develop Asia’s most discerning consumer market.

Founded in Hong Kong in 1971, Four Seas Group has over 45 years grown into an iconic, widely recognised brand in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

The Group is dedicated to providing high quality and great taste foods to consumers around the world. Equipped with an innovative spirit and nearly five decades of market experience, Four Seas Group has become one of the largest food enterprises in Hong Kong. The Group boasts 20 production plants in Hong Kong and mainland China that produce different kinds of quality food products. Other than this, the Group is the distributor of over 5,000 food products sourced from over 30 countries. 

Growing in Strength

“We have diversified our food business to cover not only raw material supply, food manufacturing, food trading and distribution, but also packaged food retailing, restaurant operations and investment holdings,” says Dr Stephen Tai, the Group’s chairman.

As a leading food conglomerate, Four Seas Group has a wealth of experience in the food industry and has a broad collection of product offerings including milk powders, milk, biscuits, cakes, confectioneries, snacks, instant noodles, icecreams, health food, beverages, wines, seasonings and sauces, hams, sausages and meats, seafood and vegetables.

Apart from manufacturing and distributing ‘Four Seas’ brand products, the Group is the distributor of over a hundred renowned food brands from all over the world. Food distribution is one of the Group’s core businesses.

With its solid foundation and progressive strategy, Four Seas Group has gained a high reputation in the food industry and established a strong distribution network that stretches from supermarket chains, convenient store chains, department stores, fast food chains, wholesalers, retailers, restaurants, hotels, bars and airlines. Four Seas Group also owns Japanese snack store ‘Okashi Land’, Japanese luxurious cookie master ‘YOKU MOKU’ and specialty stores Calbee PLUS.

Catering to Tastes

Through its retail arm ‘Okashi Land’, the Group brings to consumers the latest and most trendy snack foods from Japan, all of which are extremely well received by the young generation.

Recently, the Group introduced ‘Blue Brick Bistro by YOKU MOKU’, the first branch store of ‘YOKU MOKU’ restaurant outside Japan, as well as ‘Calbee PLUS’, a retail outlet chain of Calbee in Japan. Four Seas Group also has a strong presence in the catering industry with a collection of restaurant including Shiki.Etsu Japanese Restaurant, Kung Tak Lam Shanghai Vegetarian Cuisine Restaurant, Osaka Ohsho Japanese dumplings specialty restaurant, Panxi Restaurant in Guangzhou, Sushi Oh Japanese conveyor-belt sushi restaurant and Japanese restaurant ‘Mori Café’ in Mainland China. The Group’s restaurants have gained high popularity and brand loyalty through their fine foods, perfect ambience and superior management.

“Consistent efforts in the past 45 years to produce safe, delicious and quality food, as well as the strong awareness of food hygiene, food safety and quality food ingredient have made Four Seas Group a famous brand in Hong Kong,” says Tai proudly.

“In order to live by our moto ‘Eating Safely, Eating Happily’, the Group seeks to ensure that all food produced, distributed and sold have undergone stringent internal food control system, making sure that every necessary procedure is fulfilled.”

“Japanese food distribution was the Group’s major business in the early years. As the scale increased, the Group expanded its businesses to food manufacturing and retailing in order to diversify business and develop the ‘Four Seas’ brand. Such development reflected the strong synergies of the Group’s businesses.”

Pragmatic Growth

The Group successfully maintained its solid position in 2016 by responding proactively to the changing market and making timely adjustments, under the uncertain global economic environment and slowdown of the economic growth of Mainland China and Hong Kong.

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