Ushering in a new era of innovation, creativity and originality in architecture, market applause for BARRIE HO is well deserved.

“Design excellence for architecture was vague and even immature in the late 90’s in Hong Kong,” says Barrie Ho, of Barrie Ho Architecture Interiors Ltd (BHA).

“The essence of art and design in architecture was never recognized as a norm across the architectural industry whilst the definition of emphasis on architectural design was unidentified,” Ho explains.

“Architectural design excellence was not truly valued and emphasized by most end-users like governmental bureaus, commercial sectors and private developers. To fill this niche, I established BHA in 1999. With our vision, mission and passion on innovation, creativity and originality in architecture, we decided to enhance the beauty of our built environment.”

Global Acclaim

The topic of ‘Institutional Architecture’ emphasized by BHA has nurtured creativity and innovation, whilst the firms public relations strategy provokes ‘Essence of Design Philosophy in Architecture’ via corporate publications, corporate exhibitions, attending major International forums & seminars and participating in International Architectural Design Awards. These have dramatically defined the status, legacy and the brand image of BHA both locally and internationally.

In response to the ever-increasingly demand for institutional architectural designs, BHA has been successfully commissioned a series of institutional designs, and gained its recognition by being awarded more than 130 international design awards, whilst the demand of clientele for design excellence in architecture has extended across the border from Hong Kong to major cities of Mainland China like Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chongqing and even to European countries like Italy.

“With its unique vision, passion and mission in creativity and innovation, BHA has created an innovative platform of branding for different types of clientele to exploring design excellence,” says Ho.

Ho says that the lack of understanding and the innocence of the essence of design elements on architecture as well as the vague understanding between the synergy of architecture and design indeed make the niche markets for BHA wider and more comprehensive.

“The strong brand image of BHA for design excellence has constantly invited clientele from around the region to foster innovation and creativity in architecture, especially on the topic of ‘Institutional Architecture’, the unique architectural process ‘Added Value without Added Costs’ and ‘Wisdom in Designs Indeed Saves’ have built up solid good will and concrete confidence for clients.”

“Size of an Architectural Firm is never a matter, but the Design Wisdom is,” Ho says. “As a design-focused architectural firm, BHA insists on innovation and creativity for design excellence by active personal touch and involvement, like a piece of hand-made jewelry, will never rely on factory-like mass manufacturing, however each architectural solution that produced for different clientele is unique. Our secret motto is – Design Excellence on Architecture Persists,” concludes Ho.

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