One of Hong Kong’s leading and most reputed civil engineering firms owes its success to best business practices, pragmatic expansion and quality of service.

Chung Wo was established in 2006 as a small local Contractor working for the maintenance works for various Container Terminals in Hong Kong. Since the announcement of the 10 major infrastructure projects for Hong Kong economic growth undertaken in the 2007-2008 Policy Address by the Chief Executive in October 2007, the company decided to widen its scope for the participation of the construction to the large-scale infrastructural projects. 

Expanding Scope

“We decided that embarking on major infrastructure developments also creates ample employment opportunities for subcontractors in the construction industry. Being a modifying subcontractor working for the civil maintenance works including roads, drainage, structures and marine pier works, we have prepared ourselves to reinforce our management team to expand the scope of the client portfolio for the participation of the large scale infrastructure projects,” says T.C. Lau, the company’s director.

“As such, we have successfully awarded the large scale civil engineering projects with major Clients and Main Contractors including Asia Container Terminals Ltd, Modern Terminal Ltd, Paul Y. Construction Co. Ltd, Sun Chong Engineering Co. Ltd, China State Engineering Co. Ltd. For the past 10 years, we have been awarded the Contract Sum of HK$ 610M accumulatively for serving these Clients and Main Contractors,” says Lau.

Meeting Challenges

Lau says that most subcontractors may face the problems of inadequate human resources for craftsmen working on site to cope with the progress of the large-scale infrastructural projects for which Chung Wo has adopted various internal ‘bonus’ systems to different layers of management to tackle these uncertainties. Instead, the main obstacles for us to face is the interfaces between Main contractors and subcontractors which are often poorly managed, with inadequate communication and unclear divisions of responsibilities.

“Construction industry is project-based. Both main contractors and subcontractors need to strength their managerial and technical capabilities.”

“An appropriate organized structure within a main contractor or subcontractor enables the company to make optimum use of resources and improve the quality and frequency of communication. An effective and well established training system therefore plays an important role in improving our human resource strength and attracting good human resources which will certainly contribute to the improvement of a contractor competitiveness in respect of the Corporate image, technical ability, financing ability, marketing ability and management skills. Establishment of ISO system can overcome most of weakness.”

Filling a Niche

“As such, under the blooming business environment for construction subcontracting in Hong Kong, we, ‘Chung Wo’, being an ambitious subcontractor with a different version from other subcontractors, internally have established a marketing team for the strategic alliances and partnerships with local and overseas Main Contractors to work together for the benefits of ‘TWO GOOD’ for the large scale infrastructure projects as well as for the expansion and growth of our company. We believe that ethics of trust is the key factor for the prosperity of Chinese business locally and overseas.”

“Conclusively, we believe that establishment of trust with each main contractor and client is the secret of the success of our company forever to working together synergistically for the common good,” Lau says.

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