Entrepreneur KAREN WONG has created a concept that’s affordable, accessible and results-oriented.

“In 1990, I got my first job with a beauty centre located in Tsim Sha Tsui. After one year, I started my own beauty centre also in Tsim Sha Tsui. In 1996 and 1997, the second branch of Hong Kong and the first branch in mainland China was established respectively. As the demand for beauty treatments was high at that time, our company grew rapidly over the past 20 years and we now have more than 19 locations providing our Spa and Medical Beauty services.” 

Filling a Niche

“There is a great demand in the China market, and people there are showing increasing service sophistication and purchasing power and willingness.

“Many beauty companies have taken their business into the China market. For us, we prefer to maximize our market share in Hong Kong at this stage. We will consider developing China market after we get significant results in Hong Kong.

“We believe we bring the most comfortable and professional services to our customers. Actually our prices are competitive in this market but we are not really focused on price. For medical treatments, we are bringing the most significant results to our customers, which exceed their expectations. For spa, we expect all our customers can enjoy a relaxing time after work. Of course for both sections, we provide the most comfortable environment to our customers.”

Serving Everyone

“To be honest, most companies focus on profit margins in order to earn more. We are a little bit different. We focus on providing the best solutions in order to solve our customer’s problems instead of just selling expensive treatments. We believe we can build a mutual relationship with our customers to get repeat business. It is important for us to get a good reputation in the market.”

Asked about obstacles facing the industry Wong says, “the main obstacle that we constantly face is the shortfall of manpower with high turnover rate. We work out our own best retention programmes via the main following factors: to equip our employees with goal orientation, security, sense of belonging and sense of achievement which is why most of our employees are long service awarded employees.”

“Due to our further rapid expansion, we are hiring a large manpower team including frontline and back office. We are planning to acquire more than 200 new customers to visit our branches monthly. My slogan is: build beauty and share it.”

For additional information, please visit www.vegas360.hk

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