Trendsetting ROYAL KITCHEN is ushering a new wave of top quality, multifunctional and durable kitchens thanks to the will and vision of its founder CHING KI.

When Ching Ki started Royal Kitchens in 1996, there was less public awareness about the importance of the kitchen. With the advance of modern technology, various aspects of the electrical appliance and the multi-functional fittings grew in importance.

“Demand for the design of quality kitchens grew in Hong Kong as well as in South China with modern buildings selling state-of-the-art kitchen designs. As demand grew, popularity of Royal Kitchen’s designs captured the imagination of the market and the business grew slowly but steadily,” says Ki. 

Customer Service

“Most design companies nowadays relocate their manufacturing factories to the mainland so as to cut the production cost efficiently. In the case of our company, only through keeping the production line in Hong Kong can we ensure that our products guarantee high quality. Whenever clients change their idea, we can adapt fastest. It can also help us to finish the project as fast as possible. As we have our own factories, we are able to try and test the most updated hardware in the market and hence recommend them to our clients. Furthermore, our colleagues seize any chance to participate in different design exhibition every year. It helps us to update the information and technology from the market continuously so that we can provide our best service and products to our clients.”

“The biggest crisis we need to tackle with is the resources problem. There are excellent materials for the construction in the mainland and even from overseas. However, it is hard to find them in Hong Kong, which makes us allocate more time for the collection of the materials. But it is our challenges that make us a better and stronger brand.”

Market Reality

“Royal Kitchen has been in service for 20 years. The aim of our company is to provide the service faithfully in every contract. Our biggest asset is the thousands of valuable opinions and suggestions we have received from customers over the past 20 years. In order to maintain our quality, we reflect, and improve.”

To says: “We are in a competitive market and we are catering to an increasingly sophisticated market. Thanks to the Internet, customers know the options available, materials on the market, competitive craftsmanship and pricing options.”

“Custom kitchen design also means to understand the needs of the user, purpose of the kitchen and the need for durability, smart use of space and clean design. Today, this means every aspect of the design to also include environment friendly design, efficient waste management and cost-effective lighting too. Every aspect of the design has to come together to form a holistic solution to the customer. This can only be achieved by cutting-edge talent and devotion to customer care. Hong Kong is a rich but small market where reputations are built and lost every day. Thanks to our due diligence, we have built on referral business and we will continue to serve our markets with honesty, talent and a great ‘can-do’ attitude,” concludes Ki.

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