Pioneering civil engineering sub-contractor WELCOME CONSTRUCTION is winning applause thanks to its strategy of organic growth and focus on customer satisfaction, says its Managing Director CHAN YAM MAN, ADAM.

In the 1980s, Welcome Group became a pioneering sub-contractor in civil engineering works in Hong Kong, says Chan Yam Man, Adam, the company’s managing director.

“Our pragmatic management, together with our supporting professional technical teams, successfully completed many private contracts and in 1992, our first Company – Welcome Engineering Company Ltd – was founded to continue its business in civil engineering mainly in the telecommunication sector. To cope with the competitive market and diversify our business in different civil engineering areas, Welcome Group today offers its Welcome Construction Company Ltd for construction works. 

Steady Growth

“Fast growth is easier to achieve through innovation, and the launching of new products or services that can fuel considerable growth quickly. We however opt for gradual, organic growth that is more manageable and involves less risk. We have a number of well-established strategies including; entering new markets, introducing new technologies to reduce labour cost, create partnerships and share resources and expertise with other businesses enabling us to flourish without overstretching,” says Chan.

“Undoubtedly our development has been draconian; we hardly earned our recognition in the ‘List of Approved Contractors for Public Works’ under the Development Bureau for the works of roads and drainage, port works and waterworks. (e.g. Drainage Services Department, Highways Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department and Water Supplies Department) and other than public works, we are now also a registered sub-contractor under private sector such as Airport Authority, MTRC, Jockey club.”

Will & Vision

“As for the mainland, we have enjoyed our growth in China since its open up its markets. We have invested in manufacturing businesses and in the producing of finished and semi-finished products for use in our business in Hong Kong as well as by our trading partners. Our establishment in China has broadened our business coverage and allows us to response to our clients’ requests quicker,” says Chan.

“Skilled labour shortage is a long lasting problem erodes to Construction Sector. A significant portion of employees who left the industry and never returned. We are still struggling to find workers at all levels to properly staff our teams.

In response to the labour shortage we regularly review our own staff retention programme, including remuneration packages and career advancement opportunities, particularly for key positions, to ensure continuing market competitiveness. We establish and operate prudent human resources policies strictly in compliance with Hong Kong’s legislation, ordinances and regulations. An employee’s remuneration is determined with reference to performance and market benchmarks. Wage levels are not differentiated by gender.”

CSR Begins with Us

Chan says, “over the years we are all set in the habit of ‘customers-oriented, public-first. Secondly, we have been continuously allocated intensive resources such as organization of NEC Seminars, trainings and discussions to ensure our updated and thoughtful compliance with the standards NEC contract (New Engineering Contract). We make every effort to develop and introduce innovative technology, practical construction methods and engineering equipment to upkeep and enhance our performance toward working efficiency, safety and environmental protection, which explains our winning various awards in maintenance and capital works.”

“Our attitude and services are ‘interactive’ with our special emphasis on ‘mutually-beneficial’ to each others, as prerequisites for implementing our corporate commitment “Having focused on safety and environmental protection. Our success is not measured by what we get from the public, but by what we contribute,” concludes Chan.

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