When the airline industry looks for a reliable partner to provide spare parts, maintenance, repair and business development they find one in TOPCAST, says its Managing Director THOMAS HUNG.

Given the competitive state of the global aviation industry, the need of the hour is reliable support. Filling this niche is Topcast Aviation Supplies Co., Ltd – a company’s that’s rapidly expanding its network of service to cater to a growing industry.

“Topcast is unique in being the largest independent aircraft parts distributor in Asia Pacific. By and large the globally aircraft parts distribution world is dominated by a few major players and they come into Asia with their corporate might but that is also the source of their limitation as they lack the flexibility and freedom in responding to the diversified needs of customers in Asia due to cultural and geographical differences,” says the firm’s Managing Director Thomas Hung.

“On the other end of the spectrum are small distributors and dealers who operate within individual country borders without the necessary resources and international exposure to respond to the comprehensive needs of customers. Topcast has the best of both worlds in being a major player with worldwide connection and Asian characteristics that can cater to the needs of each local market.” 


Topcast adheres to the principle of operating as an extension of its principals in the markets it serves. While other distributors may be interested only in spare activities, Topcast is dedicated to offering not only aftermarket support but development of new businesses as well.

Apart from stocking of parts, Topcast provides technical support and maintenance services to the operators. It has a repair station in Hong Kong that operates as a service centre for many of the products it sells and can provide warranty repairs, where authorized, for customers on behalf of its principals.

Topcast actively promotes its principals’ products for incorporation in indigenous aircraft and helicopter development programs in various countries in Asia such as China, Korea, Indonesia and India.

“We operate as a one-stop shop. While other distributors may only be interested in selling products in their portfolio, Topcast strives to serve customers on all their needs by sourcing from the worldwide market even for parts outside its standard product range. We also have a reputation as being capable of locating parts that are hard-to-find. Topcast also provides stocks on consignment at customer sites for support where needed.”

Growing with China

China is a key part of Topcast business and success, not only does it provide a market for sales but the flux of companies interested in expanding into China provides ample opportunities for Topcast to pick up distributorship and offer bridging assistance.

In their prior working career Topcast’s partners accumulated experience and forged relationships in China that were put to good use and results. Over the years Topcast has also brought in expertise from various fields needed to form a team that is dedicated and superb for its purpose, to the extent that among its peers Topcast is known as the ‘expert’ in China.

To cater for business in China, Topcast has set up offices strategically located in five cities in China, namely Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

Apart from China Topcast is also active in the rest of Asia Pacific with physical presence in many cities around the region including Seoul, Taipei, Manila, Hanoi, Bangkok, Jakarta, Mumbai and Sydney.

Challenges Ahead

Speaking of the hurdles a progressive company like Topcast has to serve, Hung says, “the high cost of operation in Hong Kong is a major challenge. With property prices changing rapidly, space is a precious commodity and landlords are reluctant to sign up for long leases. In its latest move, the company decided to acquire the property it operates in so it now has a permanent home.”

Topcast provides services that cannot be efficiently offered by its principals and satisfies customer needs with solutions that cannot be easily found by the customers themselves.

“As the largest independent aircraft parts distributor in Asia, Topcast prides itself as a company of international acclaim with an Asian flair providing top services to its customers,” concludes Hung.

For additional information, please visit www.topcast.com

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