You Will Now Sleep Well. Here’s Why!

Productivity, for that matter the whole optimum function of the human body depends on the quality of sleep. KIN CHAN unveils the possibilities.

The mattress industry in Hong Kong is dominated by a few select retail brands. However, retail rents are sky-high and the mattress industry is not transparent enough with what exactly their mattress is made out of, according to Kin Chan, director of Ecosa Mattress.

“The mattress consumers are getting a lot less for what they are paying for, and we would like to do something to make it better,” he says.

“Ecosa first started in Australia and within one year we expanded into New Zealand, USA, and Hong Kong. We will continue expanding internationally and provide better products and services. Ecosa is the first and only mattress brand that sells mattress online in Hong Kong.”

Noting the unique state of the Hong Kong market, Chan says that due to the lack of living space here, the company offers 12 sizes to suit all requirements. Mattresses are usually delivered by the next day enabling customers to avail of quick delivery and immediate use.

Unique Strategy

Adopting the “trying is believing” strategy, Chan says “the best place to try the Ecosa mattress is your own home. You can sleep on the Ecosa mattress for 100 days and let your body decide. If you don’t like our mattress, we will come and collect it from your house free of charge and refund the full amount to you,” he says, confident in his product.

“We save a lot of expenses by selling online but we concentrate on selling our customers the best quality mattress rather than the cheapest mattress. We offer our customers a very high quality product at a very affordable price. We also offer the 100-day trial with money back guarantee on top of our 15-year warranty.”

“Our advantage is our quality. Our mattresses are ergonomically designed to ensure the bounce factor, the stability to ensure that partners are not disturbed during movement, helps to relieve body pain and provide users with a great sleeping experience. We are price competitive and we position our brand as Hong Kong’s most affordable luxury mattress brand.”

Value Added

Ecosa is the only mattress brand that comes straight to your door, offers you a free trial and enjoys maximum customer referrals. Our brand offers uses protection against allergies, the maximum durability, temperature regulation, firmness and airflow. We aim at providing users the optimum level of comfort with a view to enhancing their health.”

“The Hong Kong market is particularly interesting for us because people here need stress relief, comfortable sleep and good quality rest. The market is sophisticated and had higher spending power and the willingness to invest where it sees quality. We are growing on referral business and will continue to focus on quality of customer service,” concludes Kin.

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