Co-investing with customers has helped build client confidence with Cachet Asset Management and helped distinguish the firm from its competitors says ANGELA CHOW, its chairlady.

Hong Kong is awash with independent financial consulting companies, each claiming to be filling a niche. While most cater to the upper tier of the territory’s wealthy, a select few differentiate their services to target customers seeing growing sectors of services like legacy planning and trust management. With the increasing influx of mainland people and companies into Hong Kong, demand for specialized wealth management services is increasing. Successful Hong Kong firms are also setting up on the mainland and one of them is Cachet Asset Management, says its chairlady Angela Chow.

Growing on Trust

“The demand for independent and highly performance driven financial advisory and investment firm are increasing significantly in Greater China and we are capable to fill meet this growing demand. We provide tailor-made advices and solutions to clients on areas such as wealth preservation, wealth creation and wealth succession.

Cachet Asset Management, offers total solutions including discretionary portfolio management with various custodians (private banks, commercial banks or securities houses) and legacy planning utilising trusts and insurance. “Most of our clients are successful business owners and entrepreneurs. We also advise our clients’ businesses on their financing needs,” Chow says.

Mainland Ambitions

According to Chow, the China economy has grown rapidly in the past ten years and now is undergoing a critical stage of market and resources consolidation.

“The development of capital market is accelerating but the infrastructure and knowledge know how in capital market has yet to be further enhanced. Cachet Asset Management is a leading investment firm that provided superior experience, capabilities and executive to assist the industry leaders to grow their companies efficiently and enjoy a high investment returns.”

“Cachet is the long standing partner with our clients all times. We always co-invest with our investors so naturally the interests with our clients and investors are perfectly aligned with our own.”

“While we have global reach in terms of product and services platform, and yet we are personalized to fit our clients’ needs with the highest human touch.

Hong Kong market has limited domestic investment opportunities and therefore we have developed our product and services platform internationally. We have also set up a licensed PE fund in China, in which only a few asset management firm in Hong Kong has attained such China access. This empowers our firm to access to high growing and attractive investment opportunities.”

Our plans is to set up our third office in Beijing to stay closer with our client and opportunities for creating more growth and successful story.”

What are the firm’s founding tenets? “Listen, Humble, Diligence and Integrity,” Chow concludes.

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