Professionally selected Heritage Class Diamonds exude a shine and beauty befitting of Royalty” says ERIC NG, Senior Jewellery Specialist at CULLINAN HERITAGE. And since they have demonstrated the best wealth preservation value in recent years, their allure is twofold.

Cullinan Heritage (CH) is a premium diamond jewelry brand spawned by England Diamond, the reputed company ranked, in the past two years consecutively, as one of Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies.

“Our brand was created with the sole objective of aiding consumers seeking the best quality diamonds, whilst also offering the most professional service both on, and off-line,” says Eric Ng, GIA Diamond Graduate, and Senior Jewelry Specialist, of Cullinan Heritage. In recent years, Eric has, however, noticed that diamonds are becoming increasingly commoditized. Consumers are choosing diamonds based solely on GIA reports, rather than heeding the advice of professional diamond consultants.

Is purchasing a diamond, based on the GIA report alone, a sound investment?” There are certainly other considerations and parameters that should be evaluated beyond the basics covered within GIA reports.” says Eric. “Especially due to the vast price variations – even for diamonds of the exact same GIA grade.”

Heritage Class Diamonds

Experts at Cullinan Heritage are scrupulous in their selection of diamonds, applying far more stringent criteria than covered within GIA reports. Their analyses are also carried out utilizing a far broader range of parameters. “Our Heritage Class Diamonds exemplify the best class of fire, brightness, scintillation, and luster” explains Eric Ng, “often superior to some of the most expensive diamonds sold by renowned international brands. They also appear flawless to the naked eye, both in terms of color clarity, and their lack of inclusions within.”

Undoubtedly, the most alluring quality of a Heritage Class Diamond is its wealth preservation value – a quality Eric Ng is keen to emphasize. “Thanks to the vast availability of data and our analytical programs, we’ve been able to monitor the value of hundreds of different specifications of diamonds in recent years, categorizing those showing appreciation in value (Asset Type). We also evaluate those which have depreciated in value (Consumption Type).”

Thus, when a client chooses a Heritage Class Diamond from CH, they are not only investing in a stone superior in terms of beauty, or quality; they’re investing in a Asset Type diamond with the likelihood of achieving the purpose of wealth preservation over time.

Traditional + Online

Aside from its spectacular choice of diamond products, Cullinan Heritage is also addressing a growing trend among wealthy consumers seeking a service that exceeds the traditional point-of-sale experience. “Today, affluent clients seeking high-end diamond jewelry aren’t just perusing bricks and mortar stores,” says Eric. “Such clients demand an on-the-go service that suits them – something we strive to deliver. Be it online, or offline, we endeavour to provide the same professional service and quality assurances across the board.”

Cullinan Heritage services customers, by appointment, at its centrally located, Hong Kong office. Using a traditional consultancy model, CH offers a private, exclusive environment for its affluent clientele. “Our cutting edge equipment allows our customers to inspect our products in greater detail, and appreciate their beauty first hand. However, it is also reassurance that they can buy from us with peace of mind,” Eric explains.

To meet the demands of its mobile clientele, CH has implemented a number of innovative online services, including interactive learning aids, and a live diamond consultancy service available from 9 am, to 11 pm daily.

Secret of our Success

CH blends the best of both the online and offline worlds – the traditional craftsmanship, demonstrative, and personal services that are offered by upscale jewelers; plus the ability to consult and connect with, educate, and service customers irrespective of location. But, this is not what makes CH successful. Eric says, “The secret of our success is simply to over deliver; to always provide a level of product quality and service that goes beyond consumer expectation. Only then can we ensure customers are truly satisfied.”

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