Formed to serve the global gaming industry, the MASTERA GROUP is reinventing business practices that rejuvenate the industry, says KENNIS WONG.

“For MasterA Group, we have De Club, which has more than 10 years’ experience in promotion, consultancy, and management,” says Kennis Wong, Chairman of the MasterA Group.

“We know exactly what the customers need; the market has a large number of potential customers. We realize it’s the best timing to start this company to connect the mass market to the entertainment industry. That’s how MAGplays started; we provide opportunity for more than 2000 casinos world-wide to place promotional materials on our platform. As long as the casinos reach our quality standard, we provide the best platform for them to promote their business.” 

Game Changer

Patrick Lam, President of Development & Executive Director (L) and Kennis Wong, Chairman of MasterA Group (R).

“The market is undergoing an adjustment which is why our platform was launched — to help the economy bloom again. We need to take this opportunity to bring in what the customers’ need. MAGplays welcomes casinos worldwide to place promotional materials on our platform; members can stay connected with the casinos’ hosts directly. Members could see the ongoing promotions via our website everywhere, globally. We provide a platform for our business partner and members to stay connected without any commission fee. Each enjoys mutual benefit.”

According to Wong, the gaming industry is constantly changing. “Setting new plans, aims for the benefit of future generation will be the only way to overcome the fast-paced constantly changing market.”

Reaching for the Skies

Wong says: “There’s no doubt Macau is the Asian Las Vegas. From now on, we want to focus on the future. We want Macau to become a more internationalized and reputation city.”

“Our motto is simple — Stay uncomfortable! Don’t get comfortable with everything. Set dreams and goals. The paths to achieve dreams mean you sometimes have to sacrifice the job as a CEO and a comfortable life. However, once the goal is set, we put all our effort into achieving it. We should step out of our comfort zone and make some changes; we cannot just be content with the status quo,” concludes Wong.

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