Entrepreneur ELAINE SHIU, Jon Andre Pedersen and Jan Erik Pedersen are making strides with their new line of Italian inspired silver jewellery that’s winning applause with connoisseurs and fans alike. They reveal the dream and their reasons for success.

Asia is awash with jewellery collections but those that make it past the casual glance and into the hearts of jewellery lovers are few and far between. The three entrepreneurs have designed and crafted an innovative range of delicate ‘diamond-cut’ silver jewellery sold to an international market. 

Fresh Concept

What sets us apart from competitors is our diamond-cut range which involves cutting-edge technology, innovative design and handmade finishing that appeals to those looking to add the little extra — that additional sparkle — to their apparel and daily life. Our target group is the fashion-conscious women with taste for value. We are creating a market for lovers of fine Italian silver ornaments that boast sleek, elegant designs and unparalleled craftsmanship.

EJJ offer its products both through its online shop, physical shop locations and through the utilization of other sales channels. Particularly, China is a huge market for EJJ who has its products in several top shopping malls in the country, including Sky Mall and Global Harbour in Shanghai. Furthermore, EJJ offers free shipping worldwide and with payment gateways opening up on the mainland, customers can have their dreams shipped out to them in a couple of days.

Prices range from HK$600 to HK$2000 thanks to EJJ’s plan to keep prices affordable. Elaine Shiu says: “women want more than one piece of jewellery to mix and match, and at the same time they seek products that expresses individuality, quality and uniqueness — which the innovative diamond-cut technology and 3D effect of EJJ’s products constitutes.

Silver jewellery is one of the leading trends today and blends well with any colours of clothing or skin — a significant reason to why women from all ethnicities love silver. It is easy to manage, classy and affordable.

Particularly in Hong Kong and Asia there is generally higher humidity than in other prominent markets. To mitigate such issues, especially in terms of silver colour durability, EJJ ensures higher quality products than the norm. This results in higher production costs, but, importantly it ensures a good product that will last long for the consumer.

Open & Clear

Appeal for online shopping is growing on the mainland but there is a need for transparency and customer care. “I want my customers to appreciate the transparency with which we serve them. Therefore, customers are encouraged to contact us with regards to questions and requests, so they can make an informed choice and a purchase they are happy with.

We have had tremendous success in our early beginnings and we aim to build and grow further on referral business and serve our customers globally with commitment, transparency and devotion to the craft of fine jewellery. In the near future we will seek to expand to shops in both Hong Kong and Norway.

We would like to thank all our customers, partners and staff for making this dream a continuing reality.

To celebrate their achievement, EJJ is offering 20% discount to those who may read this article. Just use the code “EJJaward” on our website,” Jan Pedersen concludes.

For additional information, please visit http://www.ejjonline.com

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