Home grown TONY WONG is dedicated to his craft of creative cake making. Today, arguably as Hong Kong’s best pastry chef, he talks about his art, passion and the importance of being earnest.

Tony Wong left his comfortable job at a hotel and with handpicked partners, began his specialty shops in Kowloon which he aptly named – Pâtisserie Tony Wong.

“At the very start, I decided that I would differentiate my brand by using only the freshest and best ingredients and with my creativity from more than 40 years of experience, I would create what would not be available anywhere in Hong Kong.

The market for cakes in Hong Kong has always been a challenging one. People are happy to pay top dollar for satisfaction. While you do get top quality in Hong Kong, the prices are often high as well. Tailor-made or unique designs are not easy to find and the quality of the cakes are not always best-in-class.”

Tony Wong’s signature Rose Cake.

Filling a Niche

“Cake making is an art and I see myself as an artist who creates each cake individually with respect to design, ingredients, method of preparation, decoration and final presentation. The idea is to get that ‘wow’ factor, not only visually but also after its tasted.”

“I think the specific art of serious cake making is still alive and I want to keep it alive. This is my contribution to the market, the industry and to Hong Kong. Since we opened shop we have grown on referral business and now take more orders than we can handle. I don’t want this success to result in mass production because cake making is a personal passion for me. I want to keep it exclusive.”

Local Taste

“While our sincerity to the craft has borne fruit, we have our fair share of challenges. The rental fee of Hong Kong is our concerns and there have been many new pastry shops from other countries that have opened these years. We would keep on trying our best, using the top ingredients and keeping our own style. I love to keep our shop in small scale to keep the product handcrafted and hope to grow for our brand a loyal fan base.”

“We cater to individuals and companies who plan their events and prefer to have a memorable cake to celebrate them with. For me, this business is a journey through the lives of my customers. It feels like I am in some way adding to and sharing in their happiness and that’s what brings me a feeling of deep satisfaction that I am using my talent to bring joy to others.”

“My team and I share the same spirit of creativity, humble pride in our accomplishments and a united effort to use our abilities and hard work to light up the lives of others. This Award will remain a reminder to use to exceed our own expectations, expand our horizons and reach for great levels of professionalism,” concludes Wong.

For additional information, please visit www.patisserietonywong.com

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