Union Hospital is a progressive and contemporary hospital service provider renowned for state-of-the-art technology, patient-centric care, and international quality standards, says its Chief Hospital Manager and Medical Director Dr. ANTHONY LEE.

Established in 1995, the hospital founder, Dr Lee Shau Kee, had the vison and mission to serve the community by establishing Union Hospital with a view to providing world-class medical care at affordable prices.

With a quality management system and dedicated medical teams, the hospital has grown into an acute general private hospital, recognized internationally as a progressive and contemporary hospital service provider renowned for state-ofthe-art technology, patient-centric care, and international quality standards.

Setting Standards

Dr Anthony Lee, the Chief Hospital Manager and Medical Director of Union Hospital, says, “we believe in ‘Quality’. Union Hospital has been constantly engaged in ‘standard’ and quality control to ensure quality of care.”

“Since the establishment of Union Hospital, we have expanded the range of specialist and medical services to cover more needs from our clients. When so many diversified services departments are involved, it became obvious that a quality management system had to be established in order to upkeep and upgrade standards of care and quality.”

In 1999, Union Hospital was one of the first hospitals accredited ISO 9001 certification in HK for management standards. The hospital and its Polyclinics including The DHI Hair Centre are fully accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), in subsequent years.

Union Hospital is well-known for innovative ideas and patient centric quality service, makes it stand out from others and winning the hearts of many Hong Kong people.

Union Hospital becomes the first hospital in Hong Kong to deploy a mobile clinical IT Technology, Mobile Clinical Solution Plus, for patient care, thus striving for the highest standard of patient safety and medical excellence.

The system enables doctors and nurses to wireless access up-to-minute patients’ medical records, pathology and medical imaging reports through hand-held devices during ward rounds.

“Accountability, customer focus, patient safety, service excellence, professional integrity and teamwork were the key values to achieve.” – Dr Anthony Lee

When a doctor writes a prescription, it is sent electronically to the pharmacists and they will review and verify the order and arrange dispensing of medication. The system helps avoid manual transcription and medication errors.

This also allows for real-time intervention of critical situation and ensures emergencies are responded in a quick and efficient manner. Patient care and safety is greatly enhanced.

Union Hospital is the first private hospital to launch ‘Operation Packages’ in 2002, covering a wide range of specialties to enhance price transparency and to provide greater flexibility in budgeting and payments for patients. Charges are inclusive of all related medical treatments and complications.

Union Hospital is the first and only private hospital in Hong Kong to operate an Emergency Medicine Centre.

“We provide 24-hours emergency medical services for the community which is run by experienced specialists in emergency medicine with support from the hospital’s multi-disciplinary team of medical specialists. The centre is also the training centre for specialists in Emergency Medicine approved by HK College of Emergency Medicine.

In the near future, Union Hospital plans to further expand the main campus, to provide more beds for inpatient and outpatient service, coping with the high demand of medical services in Hong Kong.

“The best value is patient safety and this is reflected by the OA awarded in the last Periodic Review by ACHS. The other is our excellent quality service in patient care. This is the result of our effort in ‘continuous quality improvement’ since our ISO accreditation in 1999 and sustained over the years and confirmed by the ACHS OWS and PR survey results giving us the most number of EA’s in patient care amongst both private and public hospitals.”

Built to Serve

“Accountability, customer focus, patient safety, service excellence, professional integrity and teamwork were the key values to achieve,” says Lee.

Lee says, his vision is shared amongst hospital staff and these values became the backbone of the hospital. He also encourages staff to get from ‘good’ to ‘better;’ and encourages ongoing staff engagement in delivering service excellence.

For additional information, please visit www.union.org

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