Ushering in a new era of sleep comfort is DUNLOPILLO and it’s President BORJA SOLANS tells us why and how.

“Our humble success was guided by our aspirations to deliver the best sleep and comfort solutions to our customers,” says Borja Solans, President of Dunlopillo. Founded in the UK and recognised as the most successful latex developer since 1929, the brand has over time granted most customers their wish to live a healthy lifestyle.

Dunlopillo’s success story was founded by its belief that everyone deserves long term and reliable sleep solutions.

“In Hong Kong, we embrace the same values that has made us just as proud in other countries we have a presence in. We trust our presence will educate Hong Kongers to understand and at the same time raise their expectations to demand what quality sleep and comfort solutions can bring to them as a satisfied user.” 

Market Applause

“We are delighted to witness steady growth in our market over the years, though maybe nominal. Despite Hong Kong’s GDP growth rate which is likely to be not as encouraging in the immediate future, Dunlopillo has chose to stay true to its mission and grow on the back of product innovation. This platform will fuel sustainable growth because we will be creating more options as in wider product portfolio of different price points for our end users and our business partners. We have also successfully reached our targeted users relying on our core strength, which is the ‘Dunlopillo buying experience’. It is a process that we can distinctively distinguish our product’s value propositions from the rest in the buying process,” says Solans.

“Our rich heritage of over 80 years speaks for itself. We have since positioned ourselves as an established international brand and this certainly is not to say we will be selective in our product offerings leaning towards high price points. Instead, we will capitalize on the diversity of our wide global presence to seek propositions to add value to every effort in our R&D.”

The ultimate objective is to create necessary product categories to touch the soul of every walk of life. Over the years, Dunlopillo has stayed very close with the evolvement of consumerism landscape. We have continuously led by shaping the industry with unique offerings, for example like Dunlopillo’s pillows product range that stretches across the growing stages in life of our users. Also, in our latest innovation of Talasilver Wave latex creation by using “electromagnetic waves”, Dunlopillo has once again set the benchmark and elevated the standard of manufacturing mattresses in the industry globally.

Innovation Before All

“Product innovation will still be the core business driver and it will inevitably remain at the forefront for us to shape and lead the industry in time to come. We define product innovation fairly uniquely by offering products of relatively the same price in the market place but equipped with comparatively more needed features.

“We see the industry as a ‘sun-neversets’ industry, though in the immediate future we may not foresee robust growth. Nevertheless, we are convinced that there is room for growth. Our main objective is to ensure more Hong Kongers be able to understand and ‘experience’ the uniqueness in our product offerings and for the same, it should be equally easy or convenient reaching out for it. At this juncture, we may not have the largest network, but we have since remained significantly competitive with considerable market share. Hence, this promising scenario has justified our strong foothold in Hong Kong market for us to grow further.”

“We hold true to the beliefs that every market that we step in, we will be able to make a difference and inspire every level in the supply chain, right from suppliers, business partners to the end users. For Dunlopillo, we always do common things well. In Hong Kong we are no different in excelling in what we know. The proven DNA of the Dunlopillo team, was never a secret,” concludes Solans.

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