Sport is a way of life, bringing to the young a sense of team spirit, healthy choices and a belief in their talent. GOLDBERT CHI-CHIU speaks on the importance of sport in the lives of Hong Kong’s young.

Armed with the franchise for Arsenal Football Club UK to run Arsenal Soccer School, our target is to run this business in Greater China, says Goldbert Chi-Chiu, director of the franchise.

“We promote grassroots football to bring to our youth the pleasure of the sport and a fun environment. We use ‘Play The Arsenal Way’ philosophy to inspire kids to play football and enjoy the sport. We want to encourage youngsters to embrace the essence of the sport and in due time we will expand to provide shirts, air goals and other sport equipment.”

China Prospects

“We have joined the Hope Project, Happy Football in China, started our branch in Dec 2016 and hope to set up one in Taiwan in 2017. In Hong Kong, we offer regular and development classes for kids aged 2-12 and other CSR programs including ‘train the trainers’ programme.”

“There is immense scope for expansion in China and we are looking at schools and collages are prospective partners. The whole concept is based on changing the way people think about sport. Sport is a holistic form of life and not just a hobby. Our mission is to call attention to the need to educate our successive generations on the value, enjoyment and importance of sport. Hong Kong is a very business-driven city and there isn’t enough emphasis on sport. As a society we must make room for the spirit of sportsmanship to thrive and bloom and that is what my colleagues and I aspire to do,” concludes Goldbert.

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