Faced with growing competition and rising costs CUICO FLORIST LTD is looking to value-added service says its founder WING WONG.

“Eleven years ago, I was searching for my wedding flower decoration and I found that there was very few flower shops provide vintage chic style flower arrangement. I needed to look for bouquet, table flower, and backdrop in several individual flower shops. This gave me the idea to have my own vintage chic style flower shop. After acquire several years of flower arrangement and retail management experience, I started my own on-line flower shop in Year 2011,” says Wing Wong, founder of Cuico Florist Ltd. 

Growing on Reputation

“At the beginning, my main business model was on-line flower shop for the B2C market. As our customer base grew larger, we got more business referrals for commercial flower arrangement and we decided to expand our product portfolio. We started to approach luxury retail shops, high-end restaurants, and shopping malls for their monthly flower arrangement needs. We had great success in this business model and we later on expanded our commercial client base to Hong Kong’s major property developers, where we helped them to decorate their show flats.”

Filling a Niche

Wong says, “our teams have experienced florists who bring years of experience with large scale commercial flower arrangements. So, besides offering our customers competitive pricing with reliable products and service, we always think ‘win-win’ with our commercial clients. We want to offer a total solution which can raise their product image and at the same time help to lower their cost on decoration.”

Asked about the competitive state of the industry, Wong says, “we are facing threats from new entrants due to low entry barriers. We overcome this obstacle by targeting large-scale projects which require large amount of start up investment.”

“We also launch competitive MGM program and customer retention schemes. We see potential in monthly flower arrangement in different shopping malls and hotels. This will generate stable monthly cash flow plus diversify our customer portfolio. We are passionate about our creative work and enjoy seeing the impact our work has on our customer’s success,” Wong concludes.

For additional information, please visit www.cuicoflorist.com

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