Love for kid’s education helped KIDVERSITY into a growing asset that shaping and empowering the future generation at its earliest. The new concept is rapidly gaining acceptance in the Hong Kong market.

“In Hong Kong, high quality education and hard work are considered essential for a successful future. However, this also leads to a high competition when it comes to securing a place at the kindergarten, and hence many children start to face tremendous pressure in early childhood,” says James Leung, founder of Kidversity.

“Founding Kidversity is part of our personal vision to provide a perfect learning environment for our children. We want to create something new that helps to take the pressure off. We believe both happiness and learning go hand in hand, and we feel that what you put into the learning environment is exactly what you get out. That’s why we assemble a team of professionals with the same belief and create Kidversity. We emphasize children to learn through play, imagination and self-discovery,” Leung explains. 

Spreading the Value

“Hong Kong’s education system is highly competitive and parents spend a lot of time and resources to nurture their children. At the very beginning, a playgroup was being considered as a luxury product, but that concept is growing increasingly common and has become almost necessary nowadays. Demand for high quality education continues to grow, and we are thrilled that our teaching approach is well received by the market. Meanwhile, we also met some great people who share the same belief of happy learning and would like to join us. Therefore, we developed a franchise program to expand our group. By providing our well-developed teaching curriculum to the talented people, more children can benefit from our belief in education.”

Play, Imagine, Self-discover

Leung says, “our curriculum specializes in baby cognitive development. Each class is designed to include multi-sensory stimulation with different themes.

Babies are encouraged to use all their senses to discover and explore their environment, and develop their imagination, creative thinking and problem solving ability. Meanwhile, we also implement a world recognized ‘children monitoring program’ to track children’s development and make adjustment accordingly.”

“Apart from teaching with our well-developed curriculum, we also offer a full range of complementary advisory services, including kindergarten admission tips and psychologist referral etc. We want parents to know that we are much more than just an education centre. We are actually their children’s growth partner and mentor.”

Coping with the Trends

“Digitalization changes the way people receive information and also impacts their consumption patterns. To take advantages of this growing trend, we developed an integrated online platform that enables parents to submit inquiries and enroll in classes more efficiently. This can greatly reduce our administrative efforts and allow us to focus more on class preparation. We are actively considering to expand in the Asian market, in particular China, which has huge demand for high quality education for children.

The way to expand qualitatively is to continue with our passion, innovation and professionalism all of which are integral to our success.”

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