The Internet presents more opportunities than challenges for the global logistics industry. To cash in, says PHOEBE LO, you need agility and a keen sense of market forces.

Starting from 2011, the cross-border e-commerce online shopping business in mainland China has been growing at a double-digit rate every year, and touched HK$4.5 trillion in 2015, according to industry figures.

“COE seized the opportunity to enter the cross-border electricity business logistics industry in 2013. As we can see from the media, online shopping become more and more popular, on Double Eleven Festival 2016, over HK$100 billion sales revenue was made within 24 hours on the most popular Chinese shopping platform,” says Phoebe Lo, General Manager of COE. 

“As cross-border e-commerce business significantly rising every year, in line with the market, and to achieve the entire integrity of logistics services, COE has invested over HK$20 million to develop a total logistics solution for our customers which includes cross-border clearance, warehouse services, pick & pack, global parcel logistics and local delivery services, to achieve the entire integrity of the logistics solutions.”

“Will-Do” Attitude

According to Lo, the market is full of challenges and opportunities arising from Internet-postal, big data, shifting mail volume and the e-commerce boom.

“These may sound like topics for the future but organizations need to take action today. A new world of opportunity exists for businesses through the growth of global e-commerce. I think the biggest difference between us and competitors in the industry is the attitude of the enterprise,” Lo says.

“We are one of the few companies in Hong Kong that can provide a total solutions services to our customers both in terms of warehouse and logistics services. This makes us more stable, highly controllable on services and costing, and also we can customize logistics services for customers with different needs. Today, the company is represented in United States of America, China, Australia, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom and South Korea. Our worldwide logistics knowledge and partnerships allow the company to excel in the cross-border arena, providing a first-class service and innovative solutions to e-retailer. Through our international connections with postal organizations and express integrators globally and our commercial relationships, our customers are able to connect with the rest of the world. We aim to help customers transact, get online, ship, pay and deliver.”

“We provide all-in-one supply chain management, 3PL fulfillment services & pick-and-pack warehousing service, cross-border logistics solutions and even parcel delivery. We have a number of cross-border e-commerce clients, which provide a worldwide fulfillment and e-parcel service from Hong Kong to China. COE focuses on providing multiple shipping solutions, including express services, postal services, customized express and global warehousing, for B2B and B2C e-commerce customers,” explains Lo.

Market Leadership

She says: “Many local enterprises lack long-term vision, while seem restlessness of mind. Some companies have excessive volume for the existing business, unwilling to come out from their comfort zone; others because of inadequate support from their existing business model. Our decision-making team has good knowledge and experience in catching up with the PRC government’s changing policies and are able to therefore provide timely information to our clients enabling them to benefit most from it. We operate only to serve our customers and most of our buiness has grown on referrals,” concludes Lo.

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