For successive generations to be internationally competitive, Hong Kong will have to work harder to empower children and youth with user-friendly, top-notch English-language learning tools sooner rather than later, says CLEMENT CHUNG of WISEMAN EDUCATION LTD.

While Hong Kong remains a city to be admired, the English-language competency of the successive generation of its competitive corporate talent needs serious attention. Contributing to this worth cause is a company called Wiseman, that’s ushered in a new perspective toward language learning. 

“Students are immersed in an authentic language-rich environment, simulating real-life contexts. Learning is enhanced through a dynamic approach involving a series of short and relevant listening, reading, speaking and vocabulary tasks,” says Clement Chung, in charge of the group’s curriculum development.

“As students progress through the levels, they will also improve critical thinking and self-management skills. Students will be able to use English to understand, think and respond.

In addition to extending students’ English language skills, and enhancing understanding of different writing styles and text formats, we also facilitate the exploration of local and global issues.”

Students Deserve Better

“We didn’t plan to get into education, but once we started this journey, it became clear to see that children can be nurtured with good values, multiple perspectives and empathy. Our vision is to contribute a part in realizing a better world. It isn’t we founded the company, but rather that the company founded us.”

Chung explains: “Our guiding principles and core values set us apart form our competitors. Wiseman’s culture reflects more than a structure. Our commitment to integrity, quality, service and innovation drives us to deliver meaningful learning products and programmes for our students and teachers. We do not try hard to differentiate ourselves but constantly remind ourselves that students deserve better. It enables us to continue to go further.”

“When you do what you love, passion becomes the fuel. The only way to do great work is to love what you do. We believe children are most engaged when they see, think, discover and practise in a think-along and play-along learning experience. For example, Fun and Friends promotes learning through participation. It stimulates the active minds of children, builds good values, and helps them learn.”

Unique Approach

According to Chung, motivating to learn is not easy but it is also most rewarding. “We also attribute our effectiveness to a collaborative, research-intensive approach that provides us with a deep understanding of learners’ developmental needs and the best ways to address them. This unique approach is reflected in all our curriculum design, ensuring our interactive products will enrich and engage learners in a way that stimulates interest, thinking and learning.”

Wiseman has successfully grown and adapted to new environments without losing its sense of direction or principles. “As a learning service provider, we provide new products and services, enter new markets, acquire new resources and help new clients. It is important that we identify kindred spirits who share our common goal – to provide better learning services to our learners. We have developed seven components for 21st century digital learning and teaching. These components provide a complete framework, from adapting the curriculum to developing the interactive courseware that specifically fits a school’s needs, to bringing a successful school-based project to completion,” says Chung.

“Our students’ benefits always come first. We believe if we serve our students and schools well, our own success will follow,” he concludes.

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