Local business is the only way forward as competition increases and the market favours online bookings, says LEUNG YIU LAM PAUL of Holiday World Tours Ltd.

Hong Kong’s travel trade faces insurmountable challenges as the market grows increasingly discerning thanks to the Internet. Travellers shopping online for best deals, though, are often disappointed simply because holidaying is a personal choice and nothing replaces the human touch.

So, the travel agent will not vanish into oblivion but the fight for market share will not be easy.

For Paul Leung, managing director of Holiday World Tours Ltd, the path ahead will be clear of the trade learns to adapt.

“We are in an era of change and every business has to adapt and re-invent itself. Differentiation and specialization is the need of the hour.”


Offers During the 80/90 the Hong Kong inbound market was mainly Japan and US. During that time China’s tourism industry started to open and welcome visitors.

I took this opportunity to develop the S.E. Asia market and Taiwan, offering them trips to Hong Kong before they visit China. In 2000, India’s economy grew and the inbound business started so I began to handle the India market,” Leung says.

Over the last 10 years our inbound market grew rapidly due Hong Kong opening many theme parks (such as Disney Park, Cable Car 360 and Ocean Park).

We operate many sightseeing tour to those places. Also we work out multi-destination program offer to our market. i.e. to visit Hong Kong and to visit Macau and China in one trip.”

Full Service

“We are a full service agent. We not only provide hotel accommodation, but transfer and tours also as we own a fleet of buses and vehicles. We operate our sightseeing tours such as city tour/ night tour/theme park visit. From time to time we modify our sightseeing spot and itinerary to match the different markets,” says Leung.

“OTA is a big obstacle to our market, now many clients want to work on ‘on-line’ and they book direct to hotels and our suppliers. Hence we are working to enhance our on-line system.”

People First

“Our idea of service is to put people and systems in place where the customer experiences a certain level of satisfaction. We are forging partnerships with hotels and other places of interest to ensure our customers can avail of a one-stop-shop when they come to us. I firmly believe that customer retention should be a top priority for the industry. We must have a solutions approach and face issues with a view to solving our difficulties, adapting to market reality and marching ahead. The travel trade has long since been a conventional one but the markets are moving with lightening speed. We have either to shape up or ship out. We should look at this as a challenge and rise to it,” concludes Leung.

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