Design entrepreneur KEVIN CHAN founded DESIGN INFORMATION CENTRE to make a difference to the trade and market and play a role in shaping the future of a vibrant industry.

“Design Information Centre was founded in between the 1980s to1990s during the golden age of Hong Kong. Back then Hong Kong was flourishing, the business development was bomming and opportunities were plenty. I felt that I should break into a career, broaden my horizons and embrace the enterprising spirit. So I resigned from my stable job at a government department, hoping to dig my first pot of gold from Hong Kong. From that moment on I started to build my own career empire,” says Kevin Chan, Founder of Design Information Centre (DIC).

“Hong Kong is a ‘shoebox’ market, it’s difficult to compare with the ‘cattle’ market in China. China’s market has a huge influence to our whole industry with the real estate and decoration industry going througha crucial stage in development.

Serving to Please

“In a compact and high-density living environment like Hong Kong, living small does not mean reduced living standards,” explains Chan, about the relationship between space and people. “As designers, we believe that everyone deserves a comfy environment to live in. We have observed a tremendous growth in demand for renovation, especially in certain districts in Hong Kong,” he says.

Large population growth in less developed districts potentially worsens living conditions, exacerbating existing issues such as poor sanitation. For this reason, old and worn-out buildings need refurbishing – also a DIC specialty.

Companies dispersing into other areas outside the central business districts also provide the firm opportunities involving office relocation and renovation.

Providing such services requires the right people. “We have a very proactive team comprising professionals from different fields, conscious of clients’ needs and equipped with the understanding to address them. From architects to interior designers, project managers and workers, we work closely as a unit ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of each project,” he says.

“We work hard to make sure our final design output achieves our standards and meets clients’ expectations. Treasuring our people, we have developed a high level of trust and respect for each other. This is the only way to ensure team cohesion that guarantees the smoothness of the entire design process, which goes beyond just having a good design.”


Path to Growth

Strong communication contributes to DIC’s continuously expanding client network. With steady growth in the number of projects, its interior design team will further diversify into commercial and residential divisions, as well as spur the assembly of a larger building specialist team. Chan believes proper designation as highly significant to great customer experience; assigning the firm into dedicated branches for specific service areas serves this purpose.

“We put emphasis on the detail and quality of work, as we believe that this is the only way to gain trust from existing and potential clients. The delivery process is as important as the final output. We also take the initiative to communicate with our clients and provide advice throughout the entire design process.”

Success Secrets

“I will be more focused on IT development which is our long-term growth of the development.

Online sales and online business are the big trend, and we are developing it. Working hard is the most important way to be successful. I believe that we have to jump out of our safety zone to get success, try to think out of the box. There will be an unexpected result but positive thinking is important.

“Those are the achievement for myself. Another two things are the most important points of life, ‘righteousness’ and ‘good faith’. Being true to your self and to others is my idea of success,” concludes Chan.


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