Astonishing but true! Now there’s a company in Hong Kong that creates a brand and helps you start a tailor-made business that you own, operate and make money from. JOHNSON LO, founder and CEO of SPROUTS CONCEPTS tells us how and why.

Ever thought of starting your own business? Didn’t know where to start? Now, there’s a company that takes you through the do’s and don’t of taking your passion and making a thriving business for you, from it. Sprouts Concepts is in the right place at the right time. Hong Kong’s economy leaves little room for return on investment and investors are hard put to find opportunity that they are; passionate about, can watch grow and gives increasing (slow but sure) returns. 

Johnson Lo (right): “Most people dream of running their own companies and growing their brands with< passion and enthusiasm. The barriers to entry are usually – ignorance and fear.”

Achieving Your Goal

“Handling expectations is the major part of our concept because we want to grow and you don’t grow by loving and leaving your customers. Every first customer is a potential for us to do more with and you only get that when your customer is happy and satisfied with the results,” says Johnson Lo, himself no stranger to setting up businesses, selling franchises and exceeding expectations.

The market in Hong Kong is wide and deep for Lo and he knows it. Most people dream of running their own companies and growing their brands with passion and enthusiasm. The barriers to entry are usually – ignorance and fear, says Lo. With Sprouts Concepts, both concerns are allayed because the whole road map is arrived at after detailed consultations with the investor.

“Our job is to achieve the dream with the most pragmatic approach to ensure the whole experience becomes an enjoyable adventure for the customer. This means bringing to the table years of experience in the business to benefit my client and that’s what our strategic advantage is. The beauty of our service is we don’t only mix and match investors with established franchise brands, but we create franchise brands from scratch. This means you get your own unique brand, all the help needed to set it up (from concept to fully operational) and you own the rights to sell your brand and/ or its franchise locally, regionally or even internationally.”

Power of Passion

“Sprouts Concepts offers a suite of services that investors small, large or institutional will find invaluable. Our company not only makes dreams come true but makes money for you. We help set up a business that you can then grow with all the power of passion you can muster. You get to service our own customers, build your own markets and be your own boss – live life thereon on your terms!”

“We see growing prospects in China with investors on both sides of the border wanting to invest in this lucrative sector,” Lo says.

“We have a presence in other parts of Asia and are growing in China. The market for our concept is huge and growing. We have a track record of success and with our partners we bring a whole range of services to the service of our customers. These include, design, legal services, planning, implementing, costing, intellectual property protection etc,” explains Lo.

“I guess our concepts is not only about business success but also about adding value to lives by helping people give expression to their dreams. So, if you’ve been dreaming of living life on your terms, owning your own business, writing your own salary cheques and planning your own future then we are the partner you need. Contact us today and lets begin building a future you won’t regret.”

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