China’s leading role as a regional manufacturing and trading partner is good news for ENL as it sets its sights to tap into this potential by boosting its Asian presence and bringing more value to its customers.

“The return of Hong Kong in 1997 was a significant turning point. Big changes were expected in the region and this provided us many unique business opportunities, especially with regard to our business development in China. After working in the shipping industry for over 15 years, I thought it was the ideal time to establish another milestone in my career and with that idea my partner and I decided to set up ENL” says Aries Wong, Managing Director, ENL.

In those subsequent 20 years, the Chinese market grew rapidly and substantially and has become the “world’s factory”. “In order to expand our market share and extend our reach to our customers and overseas partners, ENL established branch offices in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Xiamen….. This expansion brought ENL huge business opportunities as well as economic benefits,” says Ramthur Chim, Executive Director.

He adds, “However, the Chinese economy has slowed in the last two to three years which was attributed to high costs, currency appreciation, economic restructuring and other factors. To cope with these changes, ENL has diversified its business model and expanded its business scope. ENL is now involved with I.T. software development, automotive parts, e-commerce and trading with new partners. We also have increased our overseas investment by setting up new branches in different countries. This diversification strategy allows us to quickly adapt to changes and take advantage of new opportunities in the future.”

Customer’s Needs Come First

“Developing new technology, high quality personnel, creativity and having the vision to see future market trends and plan accordingly is our core advantage and helps us to differentiate ourselves from the competition,” says Wong. “We have to stick with our slogan which is “Our Excellence Our Commitment”.

“To achieve it, we have to stand with our customers. We have to understand their needs, their thinking and find the solution that works for them. Last but not least we have to deliver our commitment to their hand. Simultaneously, we have to work closely with our vendors and service providers to improve and create new ideas, so as to assist our growth.”

Agile Strategy

“Shortage of quality people, the changing economy and the mind change of the young generation are the most difficult issues facing Hong Kong recently. To overcome these problems, we have to maintain our quality staff and support them by providing access to quality training courses. We have to treat them not only as our employees but also as our teammates and work together as a team. At the same time, we have to invest and develop new technology so as to speed up our operations and documentation flow, improve our productivity and streamline manpower in the company. Exploiting new business opportunities is also our target and we can achieve this goal with diversification.”

Chim adds, “While planning to follow the movement of factories by expanding our offices to having a presence in North West China and South East Asia, we are eager to tap into the potential of China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”. We expect China and Europe will increase and improve their business cooperation over the next 5-10 years.”

Full Speed Ahead

Wong remains upbeat on the company’s future growth in the region. “Crisis is always an opportunity. In the past 20 years of ENL, we have not missed any investment or opportunities. We have expanded our business activities in other regions either through acquisition or joint venture partnerships. We are now not only a Hong Kong based company but we also have an overseas presence. We have almost 20 different brand names and subsidiaries in different countries and across different industries. Our mission is to “make the impossible to be possible,” he concludes.

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