Hong Kong’s saturated market for investment services leaves scope for those truly offering industry-leading quality of experience-backed service, says ADIA LEUNG YU HANG, Founder, Trainer, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Adia Investment Ltd.

“Over the past 11 years we have invested in the stock market and attended a wide range of investment courses. We found that most of the investment courses in the market teach technical and short term trading skills, but not many about long term value investing,” says Adia Leung Yu Hang, Founder, Trainer, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Adia Investment Ltd.

“The way we earn profit from trading is to find low risk and stable investment opportunities. We see that many investors do not have the knowledge of ‘value investing’. With our experienced investment skills, knowledge and track record, we started up Adia Investment Institute since 2014 as an investment education centre to spread financial knowledge amongst students.” 

China Scope

China is the world’s largest market with 1.4 billion people. “We believe that investment education would be a fast and huge growth business opportunity here. Currently there are only 100 million out of 1.4 billion of Chinese people with stock investing knowledge, which is still a rather low figure compare to the developed countries. The China market is a step that must be taken since to its market size is 200 times that of Hong Kong. So we would like to build a strong base and good reputation in Hong Kong as the first stage, and enter the China market stepby-step,” says Leung.

Prudent Approach

Leung says: “Our company’s biggest advantage is that we have more than 10 years of practical trading experience and long term track record, plus a deep analysis of the global economic trend and stocks, which many other investment institutes in the market cannot provide.”

“Since our company was set up, our analyses of the market trends and the in-depth stocks study are more accurate than the competitors. In terms of service, we provide a flexible and sustainable study environment and we allow our students to use Bloomberg service without extra charge. In the market, there aren’t many competitors offering the same service as we combine technical and value investing skills. Adia Investment Institute looks for long-term, stable, and low risk investment return rather than short-term speculation.”

Educating the Market

“The key challenge we tackle is that most people are in the pursuit of short term returns, however we think the concept of ‘getting rich in one day’ is incorrect, but to accumulate wealth stepby-step and over a longer period is more pragmatic. We are trying to change the majority’s mindset, which is our biggest obstacle.”

The company is seeking cooperation with the securities companies, developing mobile and online teaching opportunities and business opportunities in China market, says Leung.

“Apart from the other key factors such as technical skills and value investing analysis, the secret of success in trading is to ‘be patient’. The best opportunities of trading probably occurs two or three times per year, or even after few years. Our success is to wait until the peak and bottom signal to occur and trade to increase our chance of winning. This simple secret is also the hardest thing to do for the majority of investors.”

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