Carving a niche for itself in Hong Kong’s growing market for medical beauty care, CosDerma is gaining friends and influencing people with its diverse range of beauty solutions to suit every age and preference.

Hong Kong’s beauty treatments industry offers a wide range of hues to suit an increasingly demanding market. Promises are only sometimes kept leaving customers wary of claims and authenticity. In a niche, is CosDerma, a relatively smaller brand that’s growing rapidly thanks to word-of-mouth advertising from satisfied clients. Wendy, Tsui Yuen Sha it Managing Director cites market potential as one of the reasons the industry tends to run ahead of itself. 

“The market for cosmetic solutions is rapidly growing as more cosmetics brands from all across the world make it to Hong Kong’s shelves. The second factor is the rapid march of the Internet thanks to which consumers are learning about the scope of possibilities each and every day. Eventually, it all comes down to a knowledgeable service provider, able to provide more all rounded services, affordable luxurious experience, and educate the public with the right concept of beauty and health,” Tsui explains.

Reliable Quality

“Our success is not a once off. Our effort was recognized last year as we won the Best Medi-Beauty Award from this magazine and the Trophy of Excellence at the Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies Awards last year serves as a fitting tribute to our customers. It inspired us to venture into aesthetic services, much in demand by our premium customers. We set up CosDerma Aesthetic Spa with a view to catering to this discerning market and our customers have already begun enjoying its services.

Our goal this year is to consolidate our market position and look at the China market in 2018, perhaps. It is a sensitive market that needs controls to ensure the industry provides the customer-base with authentic solutions and reliable products and qualified techniques.”

Customer Care First

“In order to ensure our customers get the best service, we operate our centre in a medical clinic format where all treatments are offered 100% under a doctor’s supervision. Clients are offered advanced tailor-made solutions from simple skin care to advanced aesthetic treatments only after a consultation with a qualified doctor.

“Our emphasis is on aesthetic treatments which help achieve healthy, young looking skin rather than simple facial treatments. Since our business grows on word-of-mouth, the money we would have spent on advertising and promotions are now spent on the best professional services, equipment and products offered to our clients at a very reasonable price.”

Filling a Niche

“As the healthcare system becomes more comprehensive, regulation supervising the beauty and medical beauty service is also changing. While, this may bring concern to the industry, we see this as positive change because it will usher in much-needed guidelines on safety and professionalism. We see this an advantage rather than a setback. It will make us qualitatively competitive and this will only help us to grow pragmatically with a focus on quality.”

“Our success secret is simple— cultivate yourself before you can achieve a harmonious family, then you can talk about ruling a country and ultimately head for pacifying the whole world.” (修身齊家治國平天下)

“We believe our professional, passion, sincere and conscience are the key factors of success,” Tsui concludes.

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