Fusing art and culture into innovative design RAY CHENG NGAI leads IMPRESSION DESIGN WORKSHOP LTD to new heights of success.

Founder, Cheng Ngai, Ray, started his business in 2006. Way back in 1997, which was the peak period of building establishment in Hong Kong, he predicted that there would be huge market scope for maintenance and repair work in the territory. 

At that time, he believed that he had enough experience and skills for starting up his own business. There was an opportunity from his trusted client to start up his first project covering 4000ft. He made it a huge success, which gave him the much-needed encouragement to reach for greater heights.

Cheng previously worked out of China after almost 22 years of design experience in Hong Kong, giving him an international perspective where it comes to high-end interior design. With a thorough understanding in Chinese culture, he founded the Works Design & Contracting Company Ltd in 2015 in China to undertake all businesses in the region and act as a bridge between Hong Kong and the mainland.

Designing with Culture & Art

Established by a team of experts, Impression Design strives to provide the client with the highest level of professional service. Always a customer-oriented company, the team places high importance on clients’ feedback and offers reliable after-sales service.

“With an affiliated office in Fu-Jiang, its experienced architects and designers cultivate creative concepts and ideas that strive to exceed clients’ expectations. The company not only creates space for comfort, but also integrates culture and art into the design,” Cheng says.

Coping with the New Reality

“With rising green awareness, Impression Design sets the path for sustainability by creating comfortable smart living spaces that are energy efficient, safe and user-friendly. The secret of our success lays on the power of positive thinking. I am willing to take challenges and bring unrelated elements together in my unique way. I listen to and empower my employees with the belief that with the empowerment of the employee, the company will grow and strive for excellence,” concludes Cheng.

For additional information, please visit www.impressiondesign.com.hk

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