Quenching local student’s thirst for foreign language competency, TIM CHAN started a passion-driven business that is rapidly winning friends and influencing people. Here’s why.

Hong Kong is a multicultural city where people are mostly bilingual speakers in Chinese and English. English, undauntedly, is of high importance here in Hong Kong. This however leads to people only craving for high English proficiency and neglecting exposure to other languages.

“Being the second most spoken language in the world, Spanish, itself offers not only the chance of communicating with 400 million people, but it also enlightens learners with a rich Spanish culture. With such a strong determination to promote Spanish culture, I thought of founding a Spanish language center, says Tim Chan, founder of Modern Spanish Language Centre. 

Widening Scope

Chan says: “Having experienced the economic takeoff, Chinese people have started to shift their focus from basic education needs to a quality learning experience. People have broadened their horizons and they wish to learn more foreign languagea, but their aspiration to knowledge is no longer limited to traditional mainstream languages only such as Japanese and French etc. Seeing such a rising demand, my company has started to provide Mandarin enquiry assistance to ensure that a language barrier never blocks the way for enthusiasts to embrace a new language. We also plans to set up promotional campaigns in Mainland-Chinese-populated districts to attract more customers.”

Our Main Advantages

Wendy yeung, Business Director.

“We are different because we care about our students. We are nothing like the others who may place business considerations before education quality. With us, education quality and students’ learning experience always come first. We offer review of learning process from time to time make sure both parents and students are informed with their standard. We put ourselves into the parents and students’ shoes and think for them. Putting students in class, which they are not suitable is never a practice of mine. I see the language center more than a business, but also a place for students to be greatly rewarded by knowledge, culture and language.”

Chan adds: “We have been training students of different ages to take part of Spanish Speech Festival and DELE (The sole formal Spanish examination with international recognition) every year. Most importantly, we are proud of our great successes achieved in these events each year. What’s more, assessments are done every half year for each student in order to clearly understand their learning efficacy with quantified statistics, so as to focus on each one’s weakest part in the further lessons. To offer the students with the best education in our center, collaboration of parents is admittedly crucial nowadays. We are proud that we maintain good communications with students’ parents, offering almost 24/7 assistance and support, via phone call, communication software as well as e-mail.”

Growth Assured

“Education has always topped Hong Kong’s parent’s priority list, I expect a steady annual 7%-10% business increase. Apart from providing quality teaching environment, we also start initiating different promotional campaigns, for example, posting advertising on the Internet, distributing flyers and etc. We also start offering Spanish course for toddlers to expand into a new market.

Chan says “the education industry is a tricky thing. If you are too commercial, it is very easy for you to ignore the education quality, but if it is too educational, you may not even able to get the ends meet. So the key is that you have to be passionate about what you are doing, parents and students can see it and they will continue their study here. Do it with heart, strike a balance between business and education. That’s it.”

For additional information, please visit www.modernspanish.hk

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