Redefining and setting standards for property management service have made industry icon KAI SHING a respected name amidst peers and customers alike. Managing Director JIMMY WONG explains why.

Kai Shing (KS) was established in 1978 at a time when Hong Kong was undergoing rapid social-economic reforms under the Governor Sir Murray MacLehose’s various policies. With the foundation of modern Hong Kong with good social cohesion and community facilities, Hong Kong’s economy roared forward and housing price climbed, while customers started to continuously seek quality property management service which could help maintain the value of their properties. Against this backdrop, KS was founded to offer top quality management services to residents and tenants of SHKP properties, explains Jimmy Wong, the firm’s Managing Director.

Today, KS manages over 130 million square feet of properties in Hong Kong and Mainland China, including A-grade commercial buildings, large-scale shopping malls, premium residences, large-scale residential estates, commerce and trade buildings, clubhouses and leisure facilities. 

Serving with Commitment

Apart from the quality service KS has been providing to our customers in Hong Kong, we also bear in mind that the Chinese economy has been booming in the last decades to peak in recent years. This has provided opportunities for the property management industry. Demand on high quality residential and commercial property management services is ever-increasing in Hong Kong and China which is why KS seized the opportunity to tap into the mainland market and introduced its outstanding management model to Greater China since 1996.

Wong says: “It is all about how much effort and innovation we are willing to put in to continuously enrich our products and services and to create unforgettable experiences for our customers. We achieve this by sticking to our motto: ‘We Serve You Best’. We pledge to constantly put ourselves into our customers’ shoes, foreseeing their needs and striving to achieve them.”

“We demand colleagues to think beyond property management, to innovate and to ensure our customers always enjoy more than they expect so that their experience with us will always remain unique. We are prepared to go beyond boundaries and to try new things. For instance, we have launched the very first 24/7 laundry and dry cleaning services for our residents at Grand YOHO, where they would be able to enjoy laundry services anytime in the year with just an Octopus card. Moreover, there are e -lockers which could be used as an electronic storage for online shopping. This year, we have started to use facial recognition system in our properties to enhance security. In the future, we shall endeavor to incorporate more technological advancement in our service.”

Leading the Trends

The internet and social media platforms are starting to play a defining role in shaping the market. Easy access to the social media, means customers are connected and could respond and voice opinions promptly, whether pertaining to our service or other issues. Meanwhile, with the keenly competitive environment and the ever-accelerating pace in society, customers’ needs are rapidly changing. With our brand of intelligent property management through the use of information technology, residents can simply login to KS Information App for real time updates on a wide range of information. For example, Live-Easy has been introduced to allow residents to manage and get to know everything they may need to live an enjoyable life, all from their home, at any time. One can also ‘Park-Easy’ and ‘Eat-Easy’ with our dedicated mall apps.”

From the Heart

The secret of success is staying true to the company’s motto – ‘100% Service From The Heart’. This is our commitment in providing a total property management service for tenants and owners alike. We also treat our staff as customers and care for them with a service mindset. We hire the most suitable staff and work with them to become better. We operate by strict but wise internal rules and regulations to ensure reliability and service standards but we also empower, encourage and reward colleagues to perform beyond their call of duty. Training and development is at centre of our management philosophy. Having a clear management system is another of our principles. Our shared values and common goal for the team, have translated into the reliable service that is today, the hallmark of KS property/facility management services,” Wong concludes.

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