The fierce battle between volume and margins have left businesses looking for more value. VINCENT CHAN of YATFAI INTEGRATED LOGISTICS speaks on the value of exceeding customer’s expectations.

Yatfai was established from a pioneering cross-border transport company in the remarkable year of 1985, when China began its open door policy towards foreign investment. Headquartered in Hong Kong, the company took advantage of its China proximity and industry knowhow to secure the cross-border market at that early stage, reveals Vincent Chan, Executive Director & CEO of the logistics veteran. 

“Under China’s Open Door Policy, the first authorized foreign free trade zones were located in South China with tax incentives to attract foreign capital and businesses, most of which came from overseas Chinese in places like Hong Kong and Taiwan,” Chan explains.

“Since the Policy, the company has recorded one of the fastest periods of economic growth in recent China history. The rapidly surging demand in cross-border and domestic transportation from customers supported our growth making us one of the region’s true industry leaders. Yatfai developed its own shipping company serving Pearl River delta transport and filled the niche for small parcel business with its China-Hong Kong express service.”

Growth Surge

In 2001, China joined the World Trade Organization giving the company a further stepping-board onto a global platform. “We boosted our international freight capability, handling goods imported from or exported to overseas markets through our established domestic and cross-border transportation network.”

“The company started investing its own logistics facilities in mid 2000s offering customers full transparency through our proprietary information system which was unique in those days. Since then we have grown to fill our niche and remain customer-centric. Our commitment to excellence is the cornerstone of our niche marketing strategy. We do better because we care.

“Segmentation is also crucial to our niche. The smaller our market, the better we have to know our customer. It’s undoubtedly that we do what we do well, but we won’t discount the possibilities of opening up our product lines or serving new target markets.”

Today, Yatfai has evolved into a solution provider and facilitator running by a team of experienced supply chain and logistics specialists. By enabling the complete flow between supply and demand, we strengthen our customer’s supply chain by injecting better solutions and management practices, delivering better results and reducing unnecessary costs.

Total Customer Satisfaction

“Besides serving customers with care, we equipped well to provide a “one-stop shop” solution for most customer requirements. Our above industry standard facility and infrastructure create value and offer our customers better business advantage than our competitors. We create sustainable competitive advantages with our aggressiveness, flexibility, and innovative mindset.”

Yatfai has strategically stepped into other part of region by investing in other ASEAN countries, expanding surface cross-border transportation network from China-Hong Kong, to China-Vietnam and China-Myanmar.

“We are widening our product and service portfolio, and exploring innovative supply chain to e-commerce solutions so as to come up with a set of strategies for maintaining the competitiveness of the company in the face of the opportunities and challenges ahead of us.”

Yatfai has been developing new product lines in the region including China-Vietnam, China-Myanmar cross-border trucking, cold chain logistics, freight forwarding, cross-border e-commerce, domestic warehousing and distribution.

The company’s strategy in Asia is to follow the trend from a traditional logistics provider to a vertical integrated logistics partner: As a leading logistics management organization, we assemble and manage resources, capabilities and technology at our own organization with complementary and ‘best of breed’ collaborators through teaming partnership or alliance to deliver a comprehensive supply chain solution in order to optimise costs and service.

“We continuously keep innovating and developing new product lines into our portfolio to be more diversified, better, and stronger,” says Chan.

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