Spotting a nice for smartly designed travel accessories, TSOI CHUN MAN founder TIC DESIGN to fill a niche.

“Being in the field of manufacturing for years, I used to take part in project management. I was always inspired from the clients’ product in term of their special design and features; and personally I’ve always been passionate about new and innovative products and have always wanted to have my own design company to develop a series of new, innovative, thoughtful and well-designed products,” says Tsoi Chun Man, founder and director TIC Design. 

“Seeing the huge demand for travel nowadays, I see opportunity for the development for travel accessories. So, I positioned my research to focus on travel accessories.

“The market research that I undertook on the travel accessories’ sector a year back, helped me identify room for the development of travel accessories that are more creative, cool and convenient. Thanks to the surveys carried out over various types of travel accessories, most of the interviewees provided us with lot of useful and factual comments over their experience of using the travel accessories.”

Greater Market Scope

“As revealed from surveys on the topic of travel accessories, the travel bottle is one of the products which most of the interviewees commented on; and most of the female audience noted currently available products are troublesome and it is frustrating to bring bags and bags of skin care products which sometime leak or break in transit. Spotting this niche I decide to take the ‘Travel Bottle’ as our first product for research and development,” Tsoi says.

According to the China Travel Bureau, the number of Chinese travelers has grown by double digit each year, including domestic and overseas travel. This seems sure to drive up the demand over the travel-related accessories.

“To seize the upside in the sector, we position our company to design and create affordable products that help solve travel problems in cool, innovative ways.”

Tsoi notes that efficient lead time for product R&D and product quality are the main factors that help his company’s growth in China. “In order to serve the China market demand directly, we are poised to launch our on-line store under JD mall soon. We have a good supplier network in China, with which I have cooperated during the time that I was in the field of manufacturing,” he explains.

Quality First

“We focus on developing the products with good quality in terms of functionality, durability and design so as to maximize end-user satisfactions. Our suppliers are all certified to ISO international production standards so as to ensure the consistency of the product quality.

“The resellers that we cooperated are all renowned for good customer service, which can be explicitly reflected from the respective daily web traffic or/and the number of stores they have.”

The cost of human resources with strong engineering background is the key challenges the company is facing in Hong Kong.

“The way we tackle the challenge is to have a design office located in Guangdong China, locating close to our core suppliers, easing the scope for talented engineers in a cost-effective way.

Future Strategy

Tsoi sayd that the existing company structure can be classified into two working centres. One is the Hong Kong Sales Centre, mainly dealing with the sales distribution among local and overseas resellers.

“Besides, we are going to launch our web store soon. The other office is our China Sales and R&D Centre, mainly dealing with the R&D projects. We are planning to launch 2 more products in the year of 2017. Regarding the output value of the Hong Kong Sales Centre, we will further develop and consolidate the mutual cooperation with the local and overseas resellers. Further, we will undertake the co-brand strategy to further consolidate our brand image in the market.

Our success is derived from the work satisfaction, gained through my passion on a clear career path, and being tough stay on the path, especially in today’s quick changing and competitive environment.”

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