Competing for a slice of Hong Kong’s vibrant market event management and production company TOBE CONCEPTS is filling out a distinct niche of its own, says its business director VINCE CHAN.

Hong Kong’s constantly growing entertainment industry has no shortage of event management and production companies but only a few have a reputation of being able to produce client-specific solutions that amaze and create that much awaited ‘wow’ factor. Veteran service provider Vince Chan of Tobe Concepts Ltd knows the value of amazing clients and the importance of creating levels of customer satisfaction that converts clients into advertisers. 


“From nothing to everything, we offer solution to satisfy customers by offering innovative ideas on the basis of our clients’ expectations,” Chan says.

“Tobe Concepts is more than an event management and production company. It is a brand that offers ideas, creativity and innovation. For example when we know you are asking for distinctive Live Communication we do it all for you, and all single-handedly from designing the initial concepts to all the trivial pieces during the production process, to the dismantling afterwards and final result assessments across all the activities we hold, including exhibitions, flagship stores, pop-up stores opening, business roadshows as well as other online and offline advertising campaigns.”

Chan is particularly proud of the work his firm has done with the Hong Kong Airport Authority.

“That project gave us an opportunity to showcase our true capability, resourcefulness and innovativeness, our techniques and attention to detail in production.”

Solid Progress

Chan says he does not believe in expansion for the sake of it. “We enjoy slow, but strong and pragmatic growth. We will bid our time before venturing into the great China market. There is much scope to grow in Hong Kong, for service providers who listen to what clients want and exceed their expectations. For now, we are watching trends, studying the market and will enter China when we are ready and at the appropriate time.”

“We are innovative and able to provide one stop service, from ground zero to completion. With our team from diverse backgrounds, we provide service and knowledge with our unique range of core competences. So, yes, while we definitely operate in a highly competitive industry, we compete using our experience, production knowledge and quality of customer service to gain our client’s confidence and ensure smooth and hassle-free execution of all projects regardless of size or complexity,” Chan concludes.

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