Armed with a flair for smart design, an eye for aesthetics and great customer-care attitude, ANDY WONG, Chairman of PRIMO GROUP built a brand that goes beyond interior design. His success offers inspiration to the trade and market alike. Here’s why.

Andy Wong is a people’s person. He knows what we all dream of – a warm, comfortable, welcoming home to come to after a hard day’s toil. Using his keen sense of aesthetics and his flair for design, he took on the task of creating wonders out of Hong Kong’s increasingly tiny living spaces. He struck gold. The market reaction kept growing and this hard work and relentless efforts soon bore fruit. 

In 2009, he started his interior design company names Primocasa Interiors Ltd, the first step of creating Primo Group. Since then and over the past 8 years, Primo Group developed rapidly from an interior design company to a kitchen equipment company name Primo Kitchen and a Luxury home product named Primo Living.

Clearing Hurdles

“Nowadays, Hong Kong property prices keep rising and that affects the way people invest in housing and interior design. This makes us care about client needs and wants, and we spend more time thinking of ways to fulfill them with heart, quality design and result,” says Andy.

“Furthermore, time is also a big challenge. Most of the Hong Kong people have no time to search and find what they needs and what suits them so Primo Group created a kitchen brand called Primo Kitchen which can custom-make a fitted kitchen cupboard that matches the overall interior design,” explains Andy.

“In addition, Primo Living is a lifestyle brand from Primo Group which provides customers with luxury European lifestyle branded products such as Daum, Baccarat, L’Objet, Bernardaud, Royal Crown Derby, Royal de Champagne, Robbe & Berking etc. Customers can choose their favorite decoration when confirming the design, consequently, it save lots of time.”

According to Andy, Primo Group also aims to provide one-stop service, so we have a professional art consultants team (EE&F) to assist clients on choosing appropriate furniture and living products at no extra charge.

Global Plans

Andy notes the China market is growing in favour of household demand for more spacious apartments in cities. “People want beautiful interior design, digital goods as well as decorating products. What is more, Primo Group is providing a range of interior design, kitchen equipment, and luxury home product and the integral function of Primo Group concept is to bring a good life to everyone to achieve the ideal of people who wants and enjoy the quality of life, moreover, Primo Group is going to bring our entire concept to China and will be launched in Shanghai very soon.

This year the Primo Group goes global, and the first step is to launch in China, Andy says. “Integral of Primo Group concept is bring a good life to everyone, and we aim to serve those who wants to enjoy a quality of life.

Success Secret

“The Primo Group has a 4C strategy which is Communicate, Creative, Concept and Comfort,” explains Andy. “We aim to make clients know how important they are, we show them what they need and what is good for them in the design. Furthermore, providing full service interior design solutions which included professional design concept, construction material specifications, furnishings selections, implementation, and design maintenances, is our mainstay. We are well organized and our professionalism helps us earn our customer’s trust and build a good relationship with clients,” Andy concludes.

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