Founder of Hong Kong’s biggest English-language business annual – Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies – urged proactive local and foreign companies serving the territory, to prepare for a talent crisis. The Annual hosts Hong Kong’s biggest and most successful business awards recognizing exemplary advance in trade and commerce.

Speaking to newsmen upon his arrival from Sydney, Australia, Glenn Rogers cautioned, the main challenge was to inspire new entrants into the workforce to embrace the spirit of service. “Today’s youth find themselves increasingly drawn toward dreaming of creating online Internet successes like Facebook and Snapchat and prefer working online as opposed to traditional face-to-face, glow-as-you-grow industries like hospitality and logistics,” remarked Rogers. “We are facing an era of wishful thinkers and mechanized service which results in increasing unemployment and impersonal service both of which are poisonous to a healthy economy.”

Rogers was in Hong Kong to officiate at the HKMVC Service Awards at which nearly 100 companies were presented the publisher’s coveted Trophy of Excellence at the Excelsior Hotel on May 18.

“Proactive companies need to spend on up-skilling and rewarding their staff and enhance retention rates because in the short term this is the only solution until the younger generation appreciates reality as much as it does, day dreaming. It is up to us to lead and teach by example, the value of personalized service, dignity of labour and the importance of being pragmatic.”

The HKMVC Service Awards are widely recognized as the benchmark of quality of service in Hong Kong and hosted each year by the Mediazone Group in Hong Kong.