Hong Kong’s leading bespoke tailor does not just want your business. It wants YOU! ARSHAD MAHMOOD founder of APSLEY BESPOKE TAILORS speaks on using his ‘craft of the cut’ to dress people for success.

One of the first tailors to the British forces in Hong Kong, Arshad Mahmood took the family’s art to new heights. Over the years his brand of customer relations has made Apsley Tailors one the most referred bespoke tailors in London and Hong Kong, with salesmen across Europe, Asia and North America. The tailor has built strong partnerships with Crystal Palace Football Club, Saracens Rugby Club and Sahara Force India as well as international corporates that proudly wear its suits.

“We go the extra mile where it comes to understanding customers. Dressing people is more than draping them with cloth. It is about how they feel and the look they project,” says Arshad Mahmood, the proprietor of Apsley Custom Tailor. “The world of bespoke tailoring has changed and customers today are not just looking for competitive prices. They want an ensemble that makes a statement. They want a visit to their tailor shop to be an experience.”

“Every suit we make is an advertisement for our quality, ingenuity and customer satisfaction.” – Arshad Mahmood

Unique As You Are!

“We were picked by Mediazone Group for the HKMVC Award because of the value we bring to the customer. We offer value in terms of range. We stock nearly every kind of fine cloth from Europe to the Americas to Asia and in cases where customers want a special kind, we are happy to source it. Trends-wise, our tailors know what’s the latest and what’s on the horizon too. We have specialists who have served customers for generations! We know how they like their suits cut, fashioned and finished,” Mahmood says.

“Hong Kong has always been very image conscious and a customized suit says something very special about the wearer. While we serve a major part of the Hong Kong market, we remain very open to new business. Our showroom’s visual showcase is a work of art of sorts. It highlights our out-of-the-box thinking and our will-do attitude. We are putting together a truly unique offer for Hong Kong’s upwardly mobile executives and will make it available to your readers first as a gesture of support for the HKMVC Awards.”

Subtle Difference

“Our clientele is a mix of local and foreign customers who prefer to have their measurements on file with us. As and when they need clothes its then just a matter of choosing the kind of material and the styles they need,” Mahmood says. “Visitors to our showroom are greeted with the patience and understanding they deserve as we explore the possibilities keeping in mind their needs and budgets. The main idea is to become part of our customer’s family. Just as families have their favourite doctor and lawyer, so too, they have that one tailor who they go to for generations. We want to be that tailor. While we may have a history that began perhaps long before the sewing machine itself, we are up to date technology-wise as a visit to our website will show. Our knowledge, skill and customer satisfaction have been instrumental in taking us to this position of market dominance and a brighter future awaits as we grow locally and internationally to dress the world as best as we can,” Mahmood concludes.

For additional information, please visit www.apsleytailors.com.hk

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