When HARRY CHEUNG and MURPHY CHAN co-founded goLuxu they knew they were tapping into vast potential. The service is now Hong Kong’s #1 Choice for luxury travel from Hong Kong to China and back.

Business across the Hong Kong-China boarder continues to grow exponentially and with it, the demand for luxury travel. Several factors impacted cross border travel including price and service quality disparity between Hong Kong and China but the demand continues to grow as key industries flourish and cross boarder business thrives. Spotting a clear niche entrepreneurs Harry Cheung and Murphy Chan hit upon the idea of an app that offers a win-win-win for the customer, the driver and the App owner – goLuxu was born. 

App for All Seasons

“Most competitors only have traditional ways for customers to order a cross border car – such as phone call or message. This means the driver has to charge the customer a high amount to recover the return cost. With our App, the driver will easily get more orders and thus the fare will have more room to fall. This can make the cross border limousine service to be more popular and the market has potential to grow rapidly,” says Harry Cheung.

Murphy Chan adds: “We are the first Hong Kong company to launch an app in this industry. We can create better resource allocation by using this App which in turn can lead to more customers and hence, reduced fares. Moreover, as we gather more drivers into our App, we can offer various levels of service including car models or quality of service provided.”

“Today, we also have a very good customer service for customer and driver. We have a team to answer enquiries by hotline, whatsapp, wechat, facebook and email. We provide all the methods for the customer and driver to contact us,” Chan explains.

“We invite all our fellow award winners of the HKMVC Services Award (May 18, 2017) to try our App and experience the ease, convenience and savings.” – Harry Cheung and Murphy Chan, co-founder of goLuxu 悠中港

Creating Habits

“In China people mostly use Wechat for their daily work such as ordering food, car service, online shopping, etc. But this is not very popular in Hong Kong at this moment. So we must provide a lower price and better service and do more marketing work to attract Hong Kong people use mobile app instead of the traditional way to order a car.”

Our goal is popularize the cross border limousine service in Hong Kong. Nowadays, most of the people think that cross border limousine service is a very expensive travel way to/from China and Hong Kong. But the reason why the fare still keep in a high level is because the resource misallocation within driver and passenger. So resource allocation is a main trend in this industry as it is in all industries,” Cheung explains.

“We invite all our fellow award winners of the HKMVC Services Award (May 18, 2016) to try our App and experience the ease, convenience and savings,” concludes Cheung.

For additional information, please visit www.goluxu.com

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