Hong Kong’s vibrant interior design industry faces tougher challenges from an increasingly discerning market but GARY LAU of PACO INTERIOR DESIGN LTD is confident that sincerity, innovation and top quality customer service will save the day.

“I have liked drawing since I was a child. Long long ago, I was determined to develop my career in the interior design industry after my graduation in interior design and architectural studies. I met my business partner in 1995, we had the same vision and core values, so we decided to set up our own interior firm. Although we have different personalities, it is good for us to complement each other in the work. It allows us to view each matter from different perspectives,” says Gary Lau, Design Director of Paco Interior Design Ltd. The company is a Hong Kong based interior design firm, specializing in office design but also active across various sectors including commercial interiors, retails, institution and residential. 

“Providing our clients a comprehensive service from spatial planning, conceptual design, and project management to fitting out work, we strive to turn each quality design from conception to completion. We aim to make great possibilities to space and add value to our clients needs,” Lau says.

Elements of Effective Design

Lau notes that sincerity and credibility are crucial because most of our business comes from referrals and repeat clients. “Client’s satisfaction and recognition of our work becomes motivation for us to constantly improve. We don’t design for design sake. We design to meet and exceed our client’s needs and expectations. Design is about problem solving. Quality design comprises three essential elements. They are: aesthetic, practical and humanistic. Quality design can meet the client’s needs, solve problems and add value to client. It results in client’s satisfaction and market-wide recognition,” says Lau.

“Hard work is the fundamental requirement. I think staying humble and focused are more important.” – Gary Lau

Market Choices

“Low entry barriers to the interior design industry and a lack of the regulatory registration system of the interior designers in Hong Kong make the quality of interior design firms vary vastly. This impacts the professional growth of the industry in the long run. Additionally, a lack of skilled workers and an increase in the costs of material and labour are the problems facing this industry, explains Lau.

“In spite of that, I have a positive outlook for the interior design industry, especially for the environmentally friendly and sustainable design.”

He says: “Nowadays, the interior design profession is becoming increasingly collaborative. We have to work closely with other professionals such as lighting consultant, architects, contractors, manufacturers, material and furniture suppliers in the design process. We manage each project from concept to completion with a keen eye for details and considerations. Design management is applied to our projects, to deliver quality design and service to the clients. No one can succeed overnight. Hard work is the fundamental requirement. I think staying humble and focused are more important. We should equip ourselves continuously in order to confront any challenges and be ready when the opportunities come.”

Gary Lau: “Hard work is the fundamental requirement. I think staying humble and focused are
more important.”

China Prospects

According to Lau, the interior design industry is large in China and demand for this service is growing fast. “Undoubtedly, the greater China market has given a lot of opportunity for the development of interior design in office, retail and hospitality. The business expansion of our current clients in Mainland China gives us opportunities to enter this market. We treat every China project as a new challenge and driving force for us to move forward. We keep expanding our networks and collaboration of different parties, such as suppliers, contractors, and architects to enhance our growth in the China market.”

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