Gifted with an eye for conceptual design, LOUIS YIU started SPARKREATIVE to bring in a fresh perspective to a vibrant market.

In 2005, Louis Yiu founded SparKreative Ltd to offer customers a one stop shop: brand design, marketing design, visual communication and packaging design across all spectrums. Since then his work has received numerous international design awards underscoring his uniqueness of thought and capacity to bring innovation and new application techniques to the market. The diversity of his design expertise inspires his design team to think differently and develop every design project using experience from different design categories, creating unique concepts that suit the project’s nature and help clients to explore better one-stop solutions.

“I strive to offer clients better integrated solutions to help them achieve their ultimate business goals,” says Yiu.

“To overcome the ever-changing and fast-developing market, we stay open to changes, innovation, and have the courage to face any problem.” – Louis Yiu

Building on Success

“Over recent years, we’ve seen many famous graphic designers from the China market becoming well-known through international design awards. The market has become even more competitive not only among local counterparts but also from designers in the China market. It is in fact a positive and constructive force for designers to breakthrough and distinguish themselves.”

“We believe great creative work is sparked by dedicated people who are passionate about their work! Our team has substantial and valuable experience in design and in the advertising field and we always strive to offer clients integrated solutions and deliver results to help them achieve their ultimate business goals. Together, we hope to build stronger relationships with our clients and share in their joy thanks to the sparkles our work provides.”

SparKreative Ltd is a full service design firm that specializes in providing one-stop branding and marketing communications services, covering design and through-the-line advertising mediums including online, outdoor and event decorations, corporate gift ideas & productions etc.

Open to Challenges

According to Yiu, the Hong Kong market has grown saturated and traditional advertising mediums have lost clout to on-line media. “To overcome the ever-changing and fast-developing market, we stay open to changes, innovation, and have the courage to face any problem. We never stop learning and remain unconstrained by the design industry’s limitations.”

“To our local clients, we have established strong relationship with trust from them in the past years. That was our greatest reward to be growing with them together. We do hope to share our belief and insights with China customer base and provide them with one-stop design and marketing communications services.”

“I believe that powerful, smart design can make the future bright and full of hope for us all. As long as we continue to move forward with this belief and keep up the passion, the future will be most promising,” concludes Yiu.

For additional information, please visit or our official facebook page Sparkreative Limited.

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