Finding a reliable, cost-effective and resourceful renovation specialist can be a heady task for any business owner looking to invest in a new look. DECO CLASSIC LTD is a leading choice. Here’s why.

The company director, Li Bing Yeung, started his career as a carpenter. With his endeavor in building industry knowledge and expanding his personal network, Mr. Li noticed that the commercial renovation market was huge and full of potential. Therefore, he established Deco Classic Limited in 1991 to provide a one-stop solution for commercial project management and delivery.

Building on Referrals

“Deco is now doing more marketing to gain awareness and brand exposure among the high-end brands and developer’s projects. We are keen to develop our word of mouth as referral is one of the key sources for new business in the project contracting industry. We are slowly building up a vast portfolio of credible references with clients from different industry such as Sogo mall and Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital Clinic. We look forward to further developing our brand presence in the market by providing the best values to our customers, as we believe our quality would speak for itself and would bring us more and more opportunities,” says Li, Chin Yuen, Business Development Manager.

“No matter what special materials or customized design our clients request, we are confident that we can fulfill their demand.” – Li, Bing Yeung

Competitive Edge

“Deco Classic Limited is a medium size company in the industry. Hence, we are able to offer competitive pricing to our clients while providing them with highly flexible services from design, building furniture or solely supplying furniture. Also, with over 25 year experience in the industry, we have built a good reputation and a sound financial foundation, together with a strong project portfolio to allow us compete with market leaders for big contracts with price advantages.”

“We understand time is money for our clients, especially in Hong Kong where rent is always the biggest burden to the tenants. Therefore, on time delivery to our clients is always our priority. The earlier we can handover the site to our clients, the earlier they can utilize our facilities to generate profit.”

“Running our own manufacturing factory in China also gives us a distinctive advantage in the market. We have full control on the manufacturing process, which enables us to deliver our services in a good quality and in a timely manner. This is one of the reasons why Deco is well known for the quality production work and on-time delivery assurance.”

“Also, having been working in the industry for over 25 years, we have gained valuable experiences and extensive industry knowledge, as long as a strong supply chain network. We are confident to fulfill the increasing and evolving demands from our clients, no matter what special materials or customized design they request. We are proud to say that our sourcing power enriches the design possibility from our clients.”

SOGO CLUB by Alexander Wong Architects.

Against all Odds

Li note that the shortage of labour supply and the aging work-force is driving up the labour cost every year, which eats up a big portion of the margin.

“This is a particular challenge commonly faced in the industry. To tackle this challenge, we have to better manage our budget and spend efficiently.

In addition, Deco continues to focus on developing and hiring quality project managers and site supervisors. Through detailed planning and better project management, we can minimize the potential error and reduce unexpected cost, and can therefore deliver our projects in high quality within a reasonable budget.”

“Always communicate to the customer and cater to what they need. Renovation projects involve too many trivial works and the contract sum is always big. By constantly engaging and communicating with our customers, we can understand their true needs and solve the root problems for them, therefore saving them time and resources on the project. It is the proactive mindset in our culture that enables us to always offer the best possible solutions for our customers and shapes Deco to be a truly reliable renovation project partner of our customers .” Li concludes.

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