Hong Kong’s shrinking living spaces mean big business for designers willing to inject imagination and creativity into creating a feeling of spaciousness for Hong Kong’s more discerning market.

Jackal Leung is a keen industry observer. He’s watched the growth of the industry and market with more than casual interest. “For many years, many people or investors have been moving to Hong Kong for living or seeking for business opportunities. Commercial renting or residential leasing/buying are always in great demand. As Hong Kong is densely populated, commercial buildings, apartments or houses can only provide limited space. Therefore, it is very important to have a comfortable living environment for everyone who’s working or living in Hong Kong within these very limited spaces. As a result, we decided to start a business in order to create the best and the most comfortable living environment for everyone.” 

“We are young, energetic and determined. We can provide versatile design concepts and variable materials/ product to all of our clients.” – Jackal Leung

Client Proximity Pays

Leung says: “We started as a small and professional interior design firm for around 3 years. We are young, energetic and determined. We can provide versatile design concepts and variable materials/ product to all of our clients. Unlike other designer firms or contracting companies, they have fixed interior design concept for commercial world, besides, they have fixed materials and product supplier. We are flexible.”

“In Hong Kong time is money. Most of the people in Hong Kong cannot spend time to discuss or talk about their projects during office hour. Therefore, we have adjusted our schedule to be as flexible as possible in order to provide the best services and design to all of our clients. Besides, we have WhatsApp and WeChat group for each of our projects, which is the quickest and the most efficient way to discuss every single issue with our clients.”

He adds: “In the contemporary local market, it is so easy to collect information from different media. New design/ technology is changing every day. Additionally, interior design is not talking about design only. It also includes construction techniques, renovation services and company’s reputation, etc. Time elapses extremely fast and in order to be more competitive it is very important to constantly improve and provide the best design and service.”

China Prospects

“Most of the projects that we had done were residential projects. In early 2017, we set a long term plans for exploring our business to the commercial level. We have planned and prepared to collaborate with local real estate companies, leasing companies and hotel groups. It would be a big step for us to expand our business. Moreover, it would be easier for us to become a more well-known and professional company to the public,” says Leung.

Speaking on growth prospects in China, he says, “China is a huge market with unlimited business opportunities. In the very beginning, we were focusing on the local business. We have numerous local projects and received countless local enquiries. But then there are more and more China clients requesting for interior design or renovation services in both Hong Kong and China. We have started to modify our services, studying and analyzing China’s renovation policy, living culture, building/construction systems in order to fulfill their needs.”

On Being a Work-a-holic!

“Work hard, play hard is my motto. I think it is one of the secrets that make me successful. I spend almost 10-12 hours (average) per day in the office. It’s not easy but I have sacrificed much leisure time to focus on business. My wife always threatens to kick me out of my house because I spend too much time in the office and I don’t pay enough of attention to her. Moreover, I love to do everything by myself. It will be easier for me to manage the company and to handle or solve every single issue. Life is a Do-It-Yourself project. That’s what makes me successful.”

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