Prospects are always bright for a construction chemical business with its own R&D and manufacturing plant in Hong Kong and China and an eye on customer satisfaction, says BENSON YAU WING KAI, Director and General Manager of MASTER PROOFER COMPANY LTD.

“Master Proofer was founded in 1995 while there were a number of important infrastructure projects including Hong Kong Chap Lap Kok airport, Ching Ma Bridge, HK Disneyland undergoing construction stage,” says Benson Yau Wing Kai, Director and General Manager, Master Proofer Company Ltd.

“Those projects not only employed top architecture firms worldwide but also attracted tenders from various global grade and civil contractors, engineers and material suppliers from Europe, USA and Japan. The founder of Master Proofer, (my brother) was inspired and saw a golden opportunity to have a Hong Kong based company to establish local construction chemical business with its own R&D and manufacturing plant in Hong Kong and China.”

Genuine Uniqueness

“Since inception Master Proofer emphasized on continuous improvement, innovation and professional training providing to the trade. We’ve enjoyed very good co-operation with the HKSAR Govt. in innovation technology and have sponsored two R&D projects in 2017. A number of Master Proofer’s invented civil work products are certified with UK, Hong Kong and China patents. These products have been employed by Hong Kong MTR renovation project at West Rail Line,” Yau says.

“We are a unique organization which has been modifying itself from a construction contractor to a material manufacturer. Our business ethos is — accuracy and integrity. We offer most of products with 10 years material warranty to all bona fide purchasers and users. Master Proofer is the first manufacturer in Hong Kong to set up a technical representative team to offer pre and post construction support to clients,” Yau explains.

“There is no secret of success other than sincerity, honesty and professionalism.” – Benson Yau Wing Kai

In Spite of Setbacks

Yau admits the price of land in Hong Kong is an unfavorable factor to most of Hong Kong’s industrial sector. Despite the difficulty in land usage, Master Proofer leased a 2000m² of land in Tin Shui Wai, Yuen Long for setting up its R&D and manufacturing workshop. “This operation center supports Master Proofer’s product manufacturing, testing and logistic for Hong Kong Market. The company has one co-manufacturing partner in Guangdong for the production of a professional grade sealant range which is mainly supplied to MTRC and Public Units for their specialist applications.”

“We have two products to be launched in 2018 after completion of R&D, testing, practicing and patent formality,” Yau says.

These two products were to upgrade the durability of waterproofing material for roofing, tunnel to permanent grade system but at the same time save 50% labour and material cost; this product is to be classified as Green Product to support global environment protection policy.

China Ambitions

Following to the fast development in economy of Mainland China, Master Proofer received significant business volume to strengthen its financial base for long term investment in enlarging her product range starting from sealant system to co-polymer based waterproofing and cementitious specialty products, says Yau.

“China market follows similar track as see in early Europe that low-price/ low quality to market price/high quality mode; it reflects also the significant growth of China National Product Income in last 20 years,” says Yau. Commenting on the success his firm enjoyed while overcoming setbacks, he says, “there is no secret of success other than sincerity, honesty and professionalism.”

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