If Hong Kong’s successive generations of students are to compete with their international counterparts, their English-language skills have to be strengthened says JACK WAN, founder of EUREKA LANGUAGE SERVICES LTD.

Jack Wan saw an entrepreneurial opportunity 16 years ago that addressed English-language learners in Hong Kong. Convinced that he could have a bigger impact on Hong Kong students beyond what he could achieve by teaching secondary school physics, he decided to take the plunge. 

“I have a PGDE (a teaching qualification in Hong Kong) but at the time I wanted to do more to impact the state of English language education in Hong Kong,” he says.

Sixteen years later, Eureka Language Services Ltd is a leading provider of English programmes and teachers to local schools.

“Eureka has also become an expert in the area of second language acquisition, and the company has served as an advisor to schools. Additionally I have developed a line of textbooks for students in Hong Kong.

A primary motivation of mine continues to be the enormous impact and influence I have to impact a greater number of students versus the influence I would have if I had remained a school teacher. The work that we do is very important.”

“Eureka provides a procurement and sourcing service of overseas recruited teachers to local kindergarten, primary and secondary schools of Hong Kong.” – Jack Wan 

Meeting Rising Demand

“There has always been a high demand for English-language education services in the Greater China market,” Wan says.

“Eureka has focused its energy on the local Hong Kong market, however in recent years the company has been approached by several educational institutes and partners from overseas for collaboration. Eureka continues to seek out new opportunities to promote English to a wider audience and is looking for some right partners who share the same vision.”

“Eureka provides a procurement and sourcing service of overseas recruited teachers to local kindergarten, primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong. Collectively, the team of teachers, employ the Eureka way of dynamic and transformational teaching to make a large impact on students learning in Hong Kong.”

Swift Solutions

The company places great emphasis on inclusion, training, and results. “Furthermore, the company has a leaner scale versus its competitors which allows Eureka to move quickly to serve and address all potential school client needs. The company has a culture of teaching and learning which continues to permeate the culture of the organisation to this current day. Over the years school clients have recognised this difference but more importantly prospective teachers recognise this cultural difference which has helped tremendously on the recruitment side,” he explains.

New Initiative

According to Wan, recruitment was a challenge in the early years. “I decided early on that our company strategy and direction was to grow slowly and organically, never compromising on quality. Also, in the early days, teaching materials were a challenge. We overcame this challenge by developing our own textbooks to augment the efforts of our teachers. We remain open to exploring how technology will aid our mission to help the city of Hong Kong become truly an international world city.”

For additional information, please visit www.eurekahk.net

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