The will and vision of Dr. SANDEEP JAIN brought world-class oral care within the reach of the Asia’s most discerning market.

“While studying for my master’s degree, I was working part time at Dr. Diestel’s clinic – a 30 year old well established practice catering to the Expat community, says Dr. Sandeep Jain, Dental Surgeon BDS MDS Adv Dip (Perio) MRD RCSEd (UK) MRACDS (Aust), Diestel Dental Group. 

“During 2003 SARS outbreak expats were leaving in droves and patients were hesitant to venture out to clinics for the fear of contracting the virus. The practice was losing money due to an unprecedented loss of patients and Dr. Diestel wanted to close shop. I managed to convince Dr. Diestel to sell the practice to me at a reasonable price and managed to turn a problem into an opportunity. Many people bought homes at that time but I purchased a practice, it required a lot of courage at the time and I lost money the first two months but since then business has picked up and I have never looked back.”

“Our approach is to think differently and to look for an opportunity in every problem.” – Dr. Sandeep Jain

Quality on Demand

His dental group is like a United Nations in Hong Kong with over 21 internationally qualified dentists, mostly from the United Kingdom, Australasia and Hong Kong plus 7 hygienists from Canada, Finland and China.

“With a reputation spanning 40 years we fill the niche among the expatriate population as a trusted establishment to turn to for all their dental needs. As we have expanded we keep adding more local dentists and support staff fluent in both Cantonese and Mandarin thus expanding into the local and greater China market,” says Dr. Jain.

“Due to the size of our dental group our scope extends to all fields of dentistry enabling us to offer multiple specializations such as endodontics, oral surgery, implantology and periodontology. Additionally, we have a policy of being available for emergency cases 24/7, never refusing emergency care. We also advocate a policy of same day treatment. We offer these services at multiple well-located clinics in Central, Discovery Bay and Tung Chung enabling our clients flexibility in their appointments.”

The MALO Clinic Way

According to Dr. Jain, the market has grown tremendously, partly due to better health education and awareness of the interconnectedness of oral health to overall health plus a trend towards longer lifespans and demand for functional and cosmetic solutions.

“We have responded by partnering with World leader in Implantology and Fixed Oral Rehabilitation, MALO CLINIC as they expanded in to Macau and greater China. We have successfully implemented the MALO CLINIC Protocol, surgical techniques and innovative products into our practice. We are happy to be the only dental group with a MALO CLINIC in Hong Kong.”

“We currently have five clinics and plan to expand to ten clinics in Hong Kong in the next five years. We are also looking at expanding our network into Greater China especially with the help of MALO Clinic who are already established there.

Our approach is to think differently and to look for an opportunity in every problem.”

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